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e-book revolution in the UK - Update

An update on yesterday's blog: 
Barnes and Noble bringing the Nook to the UK. Twitter is buzzing today with the news in The Bookseller that three more retailers have signed up with Barnes and Noble to sell the Nook in the UK. Argos, Foyles and Blackwell's will sell the Nook from October in addition to the recent  first signing of John Lewis. As we all have different shopping habits, this mix of retailers, offers something for everyone. As I mentioned yesterday, Barnes and Noble, who is a major US bookstore, will also be offering UK consumers direct purchase of the Nook and content (e-books) from a new online shopfront So with Waterstones about to sell Kindles (plus content?), WHSmith already selling Kobo with access to Kobo e-books from the WHSmith e-bookshop, and now the advent of the Nook, things are looking brighter. Are YOU ready for the e-book revolution about to hit the high street? Time to start your list for Santa? Rosalie xx

The joys of a good book.

There is nothing better than curling up with a good  book in a quiet room and relaxing. You may think that,as I embrace wholeheartedly the advent of electronic books, I think that good old print books are on the wane.
Not so! For many, an e-reader provides some flexibility and more opportunities for reading.
Why do I say this? At a book event a while ago, someone who had bought the first Just Us Two book was pleased to hear that our titles are available on Kindle with other formats coming out. It was easy to take to work and read in the lunch-time period.
This is a good example. Storage is easy and takes up little space.
One other important aspect of a reader is its flexibility. Print can be enlarged to suit:
1) without the embarrassment of asking for a large print book -if the book is even published in large print.
2)avoiding books with off-putting very small print.
The background can be changed so that if a white page for instance does not suit your eyes, it can be changed to sepia. It wor…

Why offer a variety of e-book formats?

Well, we got the print versions out. And then the Kindle e-book. Some would say that that was enough, especially as you can download free applications (apps) for other readers and PC desktop.
So why go jumping through the hoops of formatting to some very specific guidelines for another e-book distributor for what is virtually the same audience?
Well, just as you want your print books to be available in as wide a selection of booksellers as possible - this includes brick & mortar and on-line - so you want your e-books available as widely as possible. 
I don't believe that electronic books will replace print. Not fora minute. They can remove barriers as you only see one page at a time in bite-sized chunks. The print can be enlarged, making for a better reading experience if you have sight difficulties or just don't like the tiny print you often find in some books. Reports suggest that those with e-readers actually read more;that over half are over 50yrs;that70 -80 yr olds are u…

Glorious sunshine and scenery and Gold Wing friends.

Well, hello folks. I have been away from the blogspot for a few days -  a couple of weeks in fact - but am back now with more chatter. Taking a break from deadlines and updates we escaped to beautiful Llangollen on Friday for a few hours to chill out. We made a beeline for the Ponsonby Arms for a cool drink to enjoy in the garden overlooking the river. Parking is free for customers. This Pub is biker friendly and a warm welcome awaits from Carl and staff. Take a look at the photos on the new website. Afterwards we strolled along the fairly recently made Riverside Walk. I had never seen the river on this side of the bridge before - mainly because there wasn't a path as far as we knew. It is lovely and we came up by the bridge onto the main street. Llangollen last Friday was en fete; all prepared for the International Eisteddfod which starts on Tuesday when the town will be packed with singers and dancers of all nationalities who come to express their joy in music - the food of the …