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Monday, 1 April 2013

The contrasts of an Easter Weekend.

Well, I am now drawing breath after battling the snow last weekend, where we were snowed in. We also had abandoned vehicles blocking us. help arrived on the Sunday to dig us out.
We have also had a busy time this weekend; one in which our Wedding Anniversary fell. After 49 of them I am still in a state of wonderment that we are still forging ahead together at life's trials, tribulations and joys. Visits from daughters and grandsons sealed the day.

Daughter: 'Tell me Dad, How do you reach 49 years?'
Dad: (Tongue-in-cheek) 'Just keep saying "Yes"!

Actually it is more than that and a compliant partner would not be any fun. Team work is the answer, together with sharing  basic beliefs in things while - and this is important - keeping your own identity and interests.
We had a lovely meal at the Grosvenor Pulford Hotel at Pulford, between Wrexham and Chester. One of our favourite
celebratory places.  As it was a special treat, OH tucked into a pudding. Mine was decorated with a special message.

Sunday dawned cold but I was determined to wear my new dress and Antique Mist (cream) shoes with a small (for me) black stiletto heel. We arrived at church - St Mary's Cathedral, Wrexham, a little early to make sure that we got a good parking place. The car park was full as the Polish Mass hadn't finished. Round the block we went. Twice. Then parked in a side street. We had lunch booked in one of our favourite eateries so in the end we were glad as we got out quickly after a prolonged service which included two baptisms.
After a lazy afternoon, OH brought out my 'Easter Egg' - a box of Cadbury's Roses - which we proceeded to devour.He does like to help me out!
We had a ride out today to the wonderful Betws-y-Coed and stopped for a snack  lunch at the Waterloo Hotel.  
(A5). They have continued with their refurbishments and have a new reception area in what was a small lounge facing the door.. The old reception area is now a spacious reception lounge. Doors are now  automatic.
Heading back branched off at Pentrefoelas to over the Denbigh Moors. The landscape was like something out of Siberia with huge walls of snow bordering the roadside in places. The snow still lying on the hills, gave definition to the contours and shape of the mountains making them stand out starkly against the skyline. Here and there huge swathes of pines cast black shadows on the snow. At Bylchau , we headed towards Denbigh from where we took the road through Ruthin. Thankfully, the Nant-y-Garth Pass was open; the roads were dry, albeit quite dirty; everywhere many broken branches of trees and shrubs were hanging broken over hedges.
Taking the turning from Ruthin for Llangollen, we headed over the Llandegla Moors to the Horseshoe Pass and our favourite stopping off place there - the Ponderosa Cafe. When it was built, the slate building to the right was a very smart restaurant where we enjoyed special meals. Over the years it has changed and expanded into what today has become a complex.It is a Mecca for bikers as well as tourists in general. Today the car park had been cleared, the gift shop was doing a good trade in sledges for youngsters to trek up the hills across the road, and there were clear roadways from the car park to the cafe - thankfully.
Last week, the news had shown how the snow was up to the roof tiles so it was good to see them open for business.

Snow piled at the roadside on the Horseshoe Pass

We really do live in a wonderful part of the country. 

This week, it is onwards and upwards preparing for the Print launch of ORANGES : A Journey. This is my first fiction work which draws on real experiences and settings with a heavy dollop of travel in Estremadura,Portugal and Andalucia, Spain. 


Monday, 30 July 2012

In defence and celebration of e-books

I may be a little controversial here but I do feel strongly about this topic. The debate on e-books continues and falls mainly into two camps.

  1. Readers (human) who swear by the printed book and who shudder at the thought of not holding a 'proper' book in their hands.
  2. Readers (human) who use a reader (electronic) to read the printed word digitally.

I want to look at some of the pros and cons of each.
Paper books.
Now, don't get me wrong, I like a book in my hand as much as anyone; the suspense as you hurry through the pages, turn the page, and stay gripped while you chew on a sweet, take a slurp - sorry, sip - of wine, bite your nails etc., is not to be underestimated. The joy of running your finger along the spines of a row of books on the bookshelf, pausing to select one, pull it out, and browse, cannot be described fully.

But wait! You want to read your current book on the train or plane. The book you are in the middle of is quite bulky, you struggle to fit in in your bag or case, horror of horrors, your case is overweight and you have to leave it behind. Even if you do manage to fit the book in to your bag or case, while you sit in your confined space on the aeroplane there is little room to spread out while you turn the pages. The passenger in the next seat turns the page of his/her newspaper and knocks your drink over - all down the page you are reading. Disaster!

Enter the e-reader. A quick and convenient way to carry a book for other situations than being curled up in bed or a chair. And, do you know? You can load a massive number of books onto that little oblong item. It could even fit into your pocket. Increasingly, at airports men pop their Kindle into their jacket pocket in-between airport checks or pop them into their hand luggage. Ladies can easily slip them into their briefcase or bags. (We ladies don't seem to have the wealth of pockets that men do somehow.)

Some people find them much easier to use when reading in bed. There is no problem turning pages and holding them down. A quick flick of a button or touch on the screen  and, job done. There is no glare on a Kindle when reading outside in sunshine as there is with a Net book or laptop.

Another aspect of e-readers is the versatility.

It is surprising how many people say to me at book events " Oh, I don't read books."  They probably read newspapers and magazines and search the web to read information, but books? Shock horror! I do wonder if they have a reading difficulty which was not addressed in school or even worse, were they made fun of in class because they were not as fast as others? That is a huge barrier to reading. One which an e-reader can help them to overcome.

A stack of pages between two thick paper covers can  be daunting - a lot to digest. A bit like a huge plate of food that you are expected to eat when really, you would prefer to help yourself to a little at a time. It is the same with an e-book downloaded onto an e-reader like Kindle, iPad, Kobo, even an app (Kindle,Kobo,iTunes etc.) onto your PC. All you see and have to digest mentally is one page at a time. All you actually see while you are reading is one page at a time. It is non-threatening. You feel that you could perhaps tackle that story which everyone is talking about. It makes no difference whether there are two pages, twenty-two or a thousand. All you are being asked to digest mentally and psychologically is one page.

A scenario.
Actually, you have been clever. You do not have an e-reader but you do have a smart phone. You are quite savvy with all these technological innovations and find that downloading from the Internet is child's play. So here you are with a 'book' tucked away on your phone. No-one can laugh at you now; you could be reading anything. It is private and you can soon switch off if someone comes.

Soon, you are absorbed in the story. You are sitting on a park bench; you may be strap-hanging on the tube; you are reading.

And that is the important thing. Reading;finding information;getting lost in a story which transports you away from daily cares.

Another scenario is that you might have sight difficulties and find that the small print in most books is hard to see. Even with spectacles. Your eyes are tired after a long day at work. You possibly need a large print. You do not go into the library to ask for a large-print book. "Good heavens no." I can hear you say. "That is embarrassing." It is also another barrier. So you do not bother. What a shame. You are missing out on so much. There is a hazy screen between you and that huge world of information out there. It is like being on the edge of a forest and you are frightened to venture in.

An e-reader has a useful function of making the size of letters larger. The letter size is called the font size. (The font is the style of the letter.) You can also change the background from white with black letters to black with white letters or sepia - a fawn colour - with black letters. You can make the reading experience your own as you adjust everything to suit.

"But with a printed book, I can put a bookmark in it to tell me where I am up to." Well, you know what? You can do this with some e-readers. And you can make notes as you bookmark pages. Excellent for research and reference.

I for one do not believe that digital e-books will ever replace the printed word. E-books allow another type of reading experience and do, I am convinced, reach out to a new audience. That is why I have published all my books in all formats ( Print, Kindle,*PDF and e-pub ) for a wider readership.
It is the reading that is important. I cannot imagine what it would be like not to be able to read and interact with people as I absorb information and news. Or go off into my dream world as I escape daily cares and relax.

Reports say that those who read e-books actually read more than they did before. That is interesting. It appears that they are enjoying the experience.Some people may want a physical copy of the one they have read digitally.  Who knows one day, they may feel confident to venture across the threshold of an actual bookshop, browse the shelves, and buy a book. A 'proper book'! And while they are there, they may, if they are lucky, be able to download another e-book or two onto their e-reader.

You see, they want some books in print and some stored on their reader. For different situations. But they want books. They want to read. Let's celebrate that!


Rosalie xx

Monday, 23 January 2012

The joys of a good book.

There is nothing better than curling up with a good  book in a quiet room and relaxing. You may think that,as I embrace wholeheartedly the advent of electronic books, I think that good old print books are on the wane.
Not so! For many, an e-reader provides some flexibility and more opportunities for reading.
Why do I say this? At a book event a while ago, someone who had bought the first Just Us Two book was pleased to hear that our titles are available on Kindle with other formats coming out. It was easy to take to work and read in the lunch-time period.
This is a good example. Storage is easy and takes up little space.
One other important aspect of a reader is its flexibility. Print can be enlarged to suit:
1) without the embarrassment of asking for a large print book -if the book is even published in large print.
2)avoiding books with off-putting very small print.
The background can be changed so that if a white page for instance does not suit your eyes, it can be changed to sepia. It works the other way too. If you don't like a cream paper, an e-reader has a default white background.
They are great on holiday. Even if you like to get sun cream all over your favourite holiday reading, you can't deny that it is inconvenient having to put your cool drink down while you change a page and struggle to hold the book open.
And there is no glare. Unlike a computer screen - yes you can have e-books on your PC - sunshine does not affect an e-reader.
We all know how strict the airlines are about luggage allowance, even hand luggage. An e-reader will fit into a jacket pocket or bag.
I read a lot of articles from newspapers and blogs on-line,mainly on my compact Net book. It is so handy to sit in a comfy chair and follow Twitter and Face book links.Glare in the sunshine outside though is a drawback, as I said earlier.
So on the grounds of choice and flexibility, yes I am sold on electronic formats. I do like to curl up with a print book though and physically turn the pages. But then I have a land line and mobile phone.I just use them in different circumstances.
One other thing. If people who have previously had a 'barrier' about reading,find that using a Kindle, iPad or Kobo for instance is actually enjoyable, then they are going to read more and start to explore that huge vat of information out there and perhaps progress to the print versions eventually. And that can only be a good thing. After all most of us are already reading electronically though Internet browsing. E-readers are another step up.

So #print #kindle #Kobo #nook #iPad/iPhone #Sony #Diesel #PC,  there is room for them all. Just tap in 'Rosalie Marsh' in the search box and don't forget that WHSmith have a direct link to the Kobo store and its apps for other devices!

Visit Rosalie Marsh page on Amazon US store, Amazon UK store
Rosalie xx

PS. Award winning Just Us Two:Ned and Rosie's Gold Wing Discovery 2nd Edition will be released on May 1st Same inspirational, hilarious story with a new jacket,new format and new lower price.In the same print and e-book formats as the sequel Chasing Rainbows:with Just Us Two
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Friday, 16 December 2011

Why e-books Part Two - Variety of choice with Just Us Two and others

I was chuffed this week to see the Lifelong Learning Personal Effectiveness Guides in the Apple iTunes book store. After all the formatting hoops I talked about last week there is still no guarantee that Apple will include the titles shipped (submitted). Today I saw that Chasing Rainbows:with Just Us Two has landed on the e-book shelves at Apple iTunes book store. I am feeling a real sense of satisfaction. It was a difficult call and one we deliberated over for a while.

Chasing Rainbows, Lifelong Learning:A View From the Coal Face and Release Your Potential have also landed on the Barnes and Noble Nook shelves in ePub format along with Just Us Two:Ned and Rosie's Gold Wing Discovery (a different publisher and not in Apple and Sony stores).
All three have docked in the  ebook store of Diesel after shipping in both ePub and Adobe  formats for Adobe Digital Editions. Not got Adobe D.E.? Download for free from  Some titles still

Kobo is another e-reader.It has recently teamed up with WHSmith in the UK. Chasing Rainbows and Release Your Potential should soon appear alongside my other titles. They were shipped on a later boat so to speak. (Shipping is an American term.)
Soon they will be on their way to Sony for the Sony e-reader so watch this space.But in the meantime you can download to your Sony reader from Smashwords or in any other reader or PC. The Adobe format is also available from e-retailers worldwide
Downloading direct from your e-reader store now widens the choice for you. Don't forget the Kindle format and Kindle Apps for Desktop,Androids iPad etc.from AmazonUS store Amazon UK store Amazon Germany Amazon France Amazon Italy Amazon Spain  as well as print paperback versions.
And of course print versions are also available worldwide. Still time to order for Christmas delivery if you are quick.
So why not pay these stores a visit, download to your reader and get stuck in over Christmas. They are so reasonably priced you could possibly download all of them.
Chasing Rainbows is the sequel to Just Us Two:Ned and Rosie's Gold Wing Discovery and the new LLL Personal Effectiveness Guides will help you to focus on improving your knowledge and skills, so important for success in everyday life. More information on

Happy reading!
Rosalie xx