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. . .and Onwards to Lanzarote.

Revisiting Lanzarote is Different Every Time.
Lanzarote lies to the north of Fuerteventura which we visited last time. You can see it on the map lying to the east of all the islands that lie just off the west coast of Africa. Arrecife is its capital city. On our first visit, my husband took the opportunity of going on an excursion to the late artist's unique studio home in Taro de Tahiche. (No photographs available.) César Manrique.No writing about Lanzarote would be complete without a mention of César Manrique, a native of Lanzarote and a famous artist and architect, who had a huge influence of the development and design of the island for the tourist industry into what we see today. He had was instrumental in stopping the development of hi-rise buildings which is why the tall hotel in Arrecife is the only one on the island. It can be seen for miles around. All other buildings are low rise.
My husband took advantage of the excursion to the late artist’s unique studio home in Taro de …

New Sales & Marketing Tools by Smashwords et al.

Amazon KDP recently expanded their reporting tools to include daily sales in graph form and royalties by country. Yes, the title of this post is 'Smashwords' and I am starting with 'Amazon'. But there is method in my madness so to speak. 
The daily sales reporting in KDP iv very useful as you can see at a glance which target markets are being reached. This is useful as Amazon now has more markets than ever before. There is also a handy calendar to select your own data stream.
Smashwords, who use their specialised software to  convert one document to a variety of formats for download from the author's page in the Smashwords store, also ship - if the title reaches the Premium Catalogue for quality - to an increasing number of e-retailers - Apple iBooks, Kobo, Barnes & Noble for Nook, Flipkart, India, libraries via Overdrive and subscription services such as Oyster and Scribd. Time-scales for  reporting from these sites varies. Some, like Apple, report frequently. O…

Looking back. Review, plan and do.

A time for thought.The last few months have been quiet on the writing front - apart from twittering, blogging, posting on Facebook, and guesting on local radio - but here in my little corner of North Wales I have been doing what I call 'Taking Stock'.
As my print titles are now available in colour, I - ever one to embrace new solutions - got very excited and thought about combining the first two Just Us Two books and publishing as a hardback with all the extensive photographs printed in colour. Long-term though, I decided to leave things as they were were; the e-books are in full colour and a hardback in colour could be quite pricey.
Kindle Blogs.Quite by chance I stumbled, via Amazon, on Kindle Blogs; not something I was aware of. and decided to investigate more. So Rosalie's Chatter is now available for you on Kindle or Kindle Apps with automatic updates. As with Kindle books you do have to download from the store in your country. UK Store-…

Another Sojourn in Andalucia -Part Two. Ronda and Cordoba

RondaWith four included trips during our stay in Nerja, Andalucia, (or Costa Del Sol) we hadn't anticipated wanting to take in any optional ones. However, Ronda called to us and it was a better alternative to hiring a car.
We actually first visited Ronda many, many years ago when staying further along the coast in Fuengirola. It was two bus rides and lots of winding roads up the mountains from the coast. Then we had a wonderful four days when we rode there on the Honda Gold Wing in 2001 as part of our Andalucian Adventure*
It was time to re-visit to see the gorge again. We were met by a local guide. This is normal practice in large towns of cultural interest. He was so enthusiastic and explained about the bullring before taking us around the side from where we could see over the plains - as well as a statue of a huge bull.
Walking around the side of the Parador to the distant strains of someone playing a Spanish Guitar, we all looked over the wall into the depths of the gorge below. 

Talking the Talk now on pre-order for print and eBook! Plus other chatter.

Print. Or as some would say 'a proper book!' The print/paperback format is live for pre-order on Amazon & Waterstones (UK) plus BookDepository who have all our titles on massive discounts, with free worldwide delivery. eBook.Smashwords recently announced a pre-order agreement through them with Apple, B&N Nook and Kobo. Well, I am thrilled to say that after a smooth upload and vetting by the excellent and helpful Smashwords team Talking the Talk went on pre-order in multiple formats with sampling direct from the Smashwords sites.
It was also very promptly shipped off to Apple iBookstore/iTunes, Barnes&Noble Nook where it is live for pre-order for delivery when released for sale on January 1st 2014. It should be showing in the Kobo store very soon as well. As Apple have their own very stringent criteria, I use that as my yardstick and feel a warm glow inside when I see not just one book but the full range on the Apple sites.

So what is it all about? I for one have experi…

In which nothing goes to plan.

Hello folks! 
It has been a funny old week. 
Last Sunday we headed off to Petrolheads Cafe on the coast road at Bagillt to meet up with Gold Wing biker friends. There was only one Gold Wing in the car park as others came by car. There was torrential rain in some parts of the country but we heard that in was beautiful in Abergele further along the coast. Is that why so many retire there?
Time flew by but we were fuelled by bacon butties (on toast) and copious amounts of tea. We resisted the Sunday roast.

Last week we ploughed on with final edits for Talking the Talk: Getting the Message Across which will be out on January 1st 2014.

The usual health and welfare appointments reared their heads and some plans had to be jiggled about accordingly.

This week we have all, or at least most of us, been riveted to a double diet of suspense with all the goings on in Coronation Street and Emmerdale. I think there is a battle on to see which one will win the awards for best of this and best of that. Ther…

The 'ORANGES' harvest is complete..

Update April 26th 2013

ORANGES: A Journey has been released in print ahead of schedule. We received our
 author stocks today. It is always a 'catch your breath' moment when we open the box and see those lovely glossy covers inside.
The story - a fiction - is built on a dream and initially was classified as 'fantasy'. After finding that this was included on one national book store site as 'Science Fiction / Horror' it has now had that category removed and the more appropriate one of 'Travel' substituted. This links with the other more defined ones of Spain and Portugal.
Following the Kindle promotion we have had some lovely reviews which brought a little tear. Thank you all who have read and, I hope, enjoyed.
Other e-book formats will be available in June so my Kobo and Apple followers across the globe - look out for it.

Rosalie xx

Great excitement and emotion today as I opened a parcel. It was the proof co…

ORANGES: A Journey. Re-loaded

We are gifting two (yes, two) more days of FREE downloads on Thursday and Friday this week.  Why? Honesty being the best policy, I will share this with you.
What a performance! Wiping egg off our faces, we realised to our horror after upload to Kindle that the proofing net had some holes in it and that some of those devious little punctuation marks and grammatical phrases had been hiding. They were probably enjoying the juicy oranges too much to come out and be seen! All is not lost and ORANGES: A Journeyhas had another bout of the red pen syndrome. Well, we can't be the only ones with red faces can we? 
Thank you to all in the US, UK, France, Germany, Italy, and Canada who have either downloaded the free copies on Mother's Day last Sunday or purchased at the bargain introductory price of $0.99c, £0.77p. E0.89. To put matters right, please accept a free gift from us and download the revised copy on Thursday 21st  or Friday 22nd this week for FREE. The promotion will be live someti…

e-book revolution in the UK - Update

An update on yesterday's blog: 
Barnes and Noble bringing the Nook to the UK. Twitter is buzzing today with the news in The Bookseller that three more retailers have signed up with Barnes and Noble to sell the Nook in the UK. Argos, Foyles and Blackwell's will sell the Nook from October in addition to the recent  first signing of John Lewis. As we all have different shopping habits, this mix of retailers, offers something for everyone. As I mentioned yesterday, Barnes and Noble, who is a major US bookstore, will also be offering UK consumers direct purchase of the Nook and content (e-books) from a new online shopfront So with Waterstones about to sell Kindles (plus content?), WHSmith already selling Kobo with access to Kobo e-books from the WHSmith e-bookshop, and now the advent of the Nook, things are looking brighter. Are YOU ready for the e-book revolution about to hit the high street? Time to start your list for Santa? Rosalie xx

Are you ready for the e-book revolution in the UK?

Barnes and Noble bringing the Nook to the UK.I like a print book as much as anyone does. I write and publish 'print' books. When my children were small, we spent hours in the peace and quiet of our local library. There is nothing like the smell, the feel, the look of all those patterns of letters on a page - or the horror as you mop up a splodge of coffee of your current passage as you juggle with holding the book open with one hand and a cup in the other. I love to see the variety of colours cascading along my bookshelf and running my fingers along to remind myself of the delights inside those covers. The big glossy hardback books on gardening, places to visit, motorcycles etc. are for keeping to browse again and again. Enter digital books or e-books. I have written at some length about e-books. Like it or not, they are here to stay. In the US, they are huge. In the UK, they have largely been in *pdf format until fairly recently, for reading on a PC or laptop computer. Many of us…

Nice things happening in Rosie's Garden with the power of social media

A few pieces of good news have arrived this last week.
1) If you are a bookshop in Wales or like to support Welsh authors and publishers, I am now listed on the Welsh Book Councils online bookshop GWales
2) The showcase on-line author interview went live on Saturday on the Sylvia Ramsey Thoughtful Reflections Blog  with mentions and images of all our titles. I came across Sylvia on a Linkedin author group site. As she is in the US and I am in the UK, I was thrilled that she chose to interview me. Sylvia has a fascinating story herself and gives all the proceeds of her books to the American Bladder Cancer Association. If you would like to interview Sylvia, contact her through her site.
3) Chasing Rainbows:with Just Us Twowas showcased on for Book of the Day and was still there on Saturday plus in the Kobo Bargain Books section. No Kobo? -download the app. Just Us Two: Ned and Rosie's Gold Wing Discovery (new edition) will be reviewed this Wednesday June 6thwith Sk…

Why offer a variety of e-book formats?

Well, we got the print versions out. And then the Kindle e-book. Some would say that that was enough, especially as you can download free applications (apps) for other readers and PC desktop.
So why go jumping through the hoops of formatting to some very specific guidelines for another e-book distributor for what is virtually the same audience?
Well, just as you want your print books to be available in as wide a selection of booksellers as possible - this includes brick & mortar and on-line - so you want your e-books available as widely as possible. 
I don't believe that electronic books will replace print. Not fora minute. They can remove barriers as you only see one page at a time in bite-sized chunks. The print can be enlarged, making for a better reading experience if you have sight difficulties or just don't like the tiny print you often find in some books. Reports suggest that those with e-readers actually read more;that over half are over 50yrs;that70 -80 yr olds are u…

A user-friendly reading experience

We all put so much effort into our writing. But how many of us consider the reader and readability of our books. Not the content, but the practicalities.
I bought a book from an on-line store some months ago. Content was brilliant - just what I wanted to know. It was written by a specialist in the field. Published by a traditional publisher (one who turned me down three years ago in fact).The book wasn't big, in fact it was a nice handy size. It wasn't too expensive. But do you know what? I hated it. The paper was rough and cheap and even worse was the nasty feel it left on my hands. I had to go and wash.Not a user-friendly reading experience at all.(It also left me feeling glad that the publisher had declined to include Just Us Two in their stable.)
It was then that I realised what 'printed on acid-free paper' meant.
All my books are printed on eco-friendly acid-free paper. It has a lovely smooth feel so that as you curl up you are not put off by nasty deposits on your h…

Glorious sunshine and scenery and Gold Wing friends.

Well, hello folks. I have been away from the blogspot for a few days -  a couple of weeks in fact - but am back now with more chatter. Taking a break from deadlines and updates we escaped to beautiful Llangollen on Friday for a few hours to chill out. We made a beeline for the Ponsonby Arms for a cool drink to enjoy in the garden overlooking the river. Parking is free for customers. This Pub is biker friendly and a warm welcome awaits from Carl and staff. Take a look at the photos on the new website. Afterwards we strolled along the fairly recently made Riverside Walk. I had never seen the river on this side of the bridge before - mainly because there wasn't a path as far as we knew. It is lovely and we came up by the bridge onto the main street. Llangollen last Friday was en fete; all prepared for the International Eisteddfod which starts on Tuesday when the town will be packed with singers and dancers of all nationalities who come to express their joy in music - the food of the …