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Exciting Times. Challenges and Deadlines.

New books coming out of the incubator.Rosalie's Chatter has been muted for a few weeks. Why?
The decision in 'Chateau Christal' to bring out all the travel books and the travel-based fiction out in hardback formats caused a flurry of detailed planning, collaboration and decisions on formatting to a new size and jacket design, much updating of the 'technical' stuff before finally being ready to upload to the printer/distributor - Ingram Spark.
In general we thought the current covers would suffice but eventually decided to update ORANGES: A Journey and Chasing Rainbows:with Just Us Two.
Updating the paperback and eBooks.
It seemed a shame not to feed these new covers into the paperback books and therefore the ePub formats that Ingram Spark converted for us when we consolidated digital distribution with them  last year. (What started off so simple, snowballed.) Especially, as brand new flyers, showcasing the hardback formats,were at the printers.These were needed to co-in…

Getting to Grips with Nero.

New jacket covers and filtering them through to other content.With the onset of expanded eBook distribution coupled with new jacket covers for some titles, it was time to update the book video trailers. When I updated from Microsoft XP to Windows 7 I lost functionality of Pinnacle Studio video-editing software. I then updated my very out-of-date Nero [for burning discs but increasingly with some video editing functions] to Nero 14.

Yesterday, I was bemoaning the fact that I could do as much fancy footwork with slides that I could in Studio. Transitions and music were limited. Then I saw a link encouraging me to download content - for free.
Off I went, click, click and so on. The download [from Nero 2016 Platinum] took some time but lo and behold, I had all sorts of tools to play with.  It works well in Windows 10. Not content with updating the videos for the said new jacket titles, I went the whole hog, so to speak, and re-did others.
I have now restored videos on a page in this blog. C…

Closer to Home - Rossett Village Festival

Rossett is a charming and vibrant village on the main road between Wrexham and Chester.Saturday August 29th was a day of huge excitement as it was the day of the village festival. There was a host of activities and stalls in the Sports Hall. Outside, there was a hive of activity with a flower show, a dog show, a kit car show, beer tent, hot dog stand, a variety of fund-raising stalls for visitors to enjoy as they sat in the sunshine or mingles. A brass band kept everyone entertained with their lively tunes. The organisers must be congratulated on the organisation, scale and smooth running of the event.

I was fortunate to be placed in the entrance area where I set out my stall. Around the corner was my chocolatier friend Jo Edwards the creative inspiration behind Aballu Artisan Chocolates - based in the Cocoa Rooms, Rossett. Slices of her delicious chocolate pizzas kept me going throughout the day, especially as I had forgotten to take sandwiches!

Keeping me company in the entrance …

Is the pace of life increasing?

Another week flies by as summer draws to a close.It doesn't seem two minutes since my last post ans here we are, almost a week later. After a hectic two week as with meetings and events, this week heralded a return to manuscript scrutinising and workshop preparation for October deadlines. The Long Leg of Italy has been putting its toe in the water with a cover reveal on social media.Twitter @JustUsTwoTravel. We settled on using red lettering for visibility against the blue skies and other colours in
the photographs. Just a point about our travels in this latest adventure. They actually span twenty-five years - long before we started jaunting on our beloved motorbike. They started when we had only been abroad twice in our lives and that in an organised party. We travelled independently to the unknown territory of Italy and made our own way to railway stations and transfer by vaporetto and taxi to hotels. Our second trip, in reverse, took us onward to Sorrento further south, but as ther…

Another interesting week - friends, family, and dreams.

Social Media.I am a prolific, some say, Tweeter and Facebook poster. I was invited to a face-to-face social networking event called a Tweet-Up. What is a Tweet-up? You may ask. It is simply an opportunity to put a face to all those names with whom you chat on a regular basis. The host introduces each part of the event and you can make some interesting connections. Usually there is the dreaded 30 or 60 second individual introduction by everyone. (See Talking the Talk:Getting the Message Across for overcoming nerves and preparation.) There is sometimes a speaker on relevant business issues and a chance to mingle.  If not - well you have got out from behind the desk and back into the real world.  It is some time since I have been to a tweet-up and was looking forward to connecting at the North Wales Tweets event at the Ramada Plaza Hotel in Wrexham which is only a stone's throw away for me.  This monthly event was a little different; what I understand is a regular, weekly, on-line #nwh…

A little chatter after some silence.

They say that silence is golden. I agree with that but we all need to have a little conversation from time to time.

This month has flown past and I am horrified to see how long it is since I last posted some thoughts on this and that.

Marketing ORANGES: A Journey has been a journey in itself. Books4Spain are now listing it, paperback only for now but the e-book will be listed there once the Amazon promotion ends. The promotion period will go out with another FREE download day on June 3rd. 
Amazon UK store Amazon US storeAmazon Spain Amazon France Amazon Germany We thought that we would try the KDP Select programme for the initial 90 days as you get five free promotion days. In truth, after the first month I was getting very frustrated at not being able to have the other e-book formats anywhere at all.
So watch out for June 6th when the PDF and ePub will roll out. 

ORANGES has had some favourable reviews in the Amazon UK store and informal feedback and is currently No 34 in France in its Spa…

An amazing week.

It was all systems go this week and some flexibility of schedule. OH rang on Wednesday from town. Writing went on the back burner for the day while we chilled out for lunch. (We had a voucher which just had to be used up! Know what I mean?)  
We then meandered down the A41 to Grindley Brook, Whitchurch to watch the boats going through the staircase locks. Such a tranquil way to spend a few days. Of course we had some Cheshire Farm ice cream while we watched the locks open and close and the boats gliding through the murky water. 

Memories! Memories of our canal boat holiday when the children were small and we glided slowly through the Llangollen Canal, over the famous Pontycysyllte Aquaduct over the DeeValley to the Shropshire Union Canal and through these very locks. They are called staircase locks as there are a few in succession going up or down-depending which way you are going- like a staircase.

Thursday brought the book event at the new Writer's Cafe in a sunny but quiet Penmaen…

Reviews for Just Us Two series

2011 has been a good year for Just Us Two books as Chasing Rainbows:with Just Us Two hit the bookshelves in both print and ebook formats. It is the sequel to 2010 International Book Awards winning Just Us Two:Ned and Rosie's Gold Wing Discovery and the real ending to Rosie's Gold Wing story.  What readers say:
"Not just for bikers"Chrisoula Sirigou,  ExploramaEU and European Lunch Show,RedShiftRadio “Inspiration for us all to motorcycle touring overseas” Editor Motorbike Search Engine on ‘Just Us Two:Ned and Rosie's Gold Wing Discovery’. “Another great book by Rosalie Marsh that should not be missed. The flow of words employed to narrate it, is in itself most refreshing.”  Joseph Abela, Author, on ‘Chasing Rainbows:with Just Us Two’ via Amazon. Excellent Read“Just finished reading 'Just Us Two' by Rosalie Marsh. Rosalie's description of the countryside made be feel I on was on the motorbike, wind blowing through my hair and sun on my face. A book I will read …

Back to normality - life after Italy and Sicily.

We have been home for a week now and I am still in Puglia, Basillicata, Calabria and Sicily in my head. Altomonte, a wonderful mountain village perched high in the lush green hills of Calabria is an absolute jewel. A medieval village, it still retains the colour and characterof days gone by. Our driver, Renzo, completed amazing breath-holding feats of skill and patience as he negotiated around the seemingly impossible bends and junctions - missing overhanging roofs - of the narrow streets of the village. Our host Signore Barbieri treated us to an unprecedented peek into village life on a walking tour. We met some 'very important persons'!
Leaving Altomonte for Sicily, I could not stop filming through the coach windows.You just wanted to put it all into a bottle to keep! Altomonte was a complete contrast to Ostuni, Alberobella and Martina Franca in Puglia but they were all magnificent. People still live in the Trulli  houses of Alberobella - amazing and enchanting.

The change of h…

The southern end of 'The Long Leg of Italy'

Well, what an eventful and mindblowing few days. From the south east of Puglia in southern Italy.
Excuse any mistakes but the screen on the hotel PC has an annoying little sreen in the middle for volume and they can't get rid of it and it hides some of the typing.
Alberobella, Ostuni, Martina Franca in Puglia - all baked in the high 35 plus heat. As did the beautiful brides we saw in every village/town. Truuli houses are truly amazing. It is amazing to hear just how old is the civilisation here.
The journey into the mountains of the Appenines in Calabria was another experience. Especially in a thunderstorm - Allen said we would have been OK on the Gold Wing as there would be enough weight to keep us on the ground - or off it really. But, winding up to Altomonte in the safe hands of our excellent driver Renzo, we came to pur hotel. And what a gem!

Enough for now! Lots to write for southern end of The Long Leg of Italy. . . And lots to chat about to my Italian hairdresser maestro …