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The Long Leg of Italy - Coming Soon - Coming Closer!

The last week has been a busy 'design' sort of week. We finally decided - taking all comments into account - on the layout for the jacket of The Long Leg of Italy. It will be out in paperback in January but hope to have it on Kindle by the end of October. About the Book.
ISBN 978-1-908302-39-7 (Extract) "If you have read the first in the Just Us Two series, you will know of my husband’s aversion to parties. As our Silver Wedding Anniversary approached, he was adamant that he wasn't having a party. “We will have a little trip,” himself decreed. That is what he thought! He meant a little trip in the UK, not too  far from home. I, on the other hand, had bigger fish to fry. Our wedding had been a small family affair and, being poor, we did not  go-away on honeymoon.  So, himself wanted a little trip did he?" <End>
Read on. . . ~~~~~~~~~~~~ Having only travelled abroad twice in their lives, and that as part of an organised group, did not daunt Rosie. She wanted to see the …

A Flavour of Italy.

A Preview Peek at The Long Leg of  ITALY.Final draft has now been submitted to publisher for the a casting over of the gimlet eye. What a journey it has been and an emotional one at that as we revisited our journeys over the years.
Our love affair with Italy started because 'him indoors' would not have a party for a special anniversary some years ago.  'We will have a little trip,' He informed me. He meant one in the UK but I had other fish to fry. A burning need to fulfil a dream glowed inside me. After plotting and planning all one winter - before the big day - I announced, 'You want a trip for our anniversary? Well, I want to go to Rome, and if we go to Rome I want to go to Florence and Venice.' I waited with baited breath. 'I will think about it.' A few days later he came home from work an announced that he had been talking to someone in work and that if we were going to Rome we would need a new camera.
Later, we discussed the options and so began our love a…

Exploring Italy.- with 'Just Us Two'.

Last week, in-between dentist's and business appointments, we pushed on with the book jacket design for the forthcoming Italian delight - The Long Leg of Italy.

Over the years we have travelled from north to south at various times and I am looking forward to sharing our exploits with you. In Just Us Two: Ned and Rosie's Gold Wing Discovery we shared our adventures from elegance of the south of France, riding high above the coast into the north and Lake Garda where we settled for a few days.

The Long Leg of Italy explores other areas such as Rome - the Eternal City - Florence, Venice, Sorrento. We travelled between all these by train. Escorted tours took us more recently to the many northern lakes which are an eye-opener; the breathtaking Brenta Dolomites, and he south of Italy which is a total contrast to the more industrial and prosperous north and seems like another country. In fact Italy is comprised of what used to be separate states which were unified  just over 150 years a…

Coming Up for Air After a Busy Bank Holiday Weekend.

All good intentions of writing over the weekend went out of the window as we embarked on a relaxing and chilled-out few days.
Stats.Ever one for analysing figures, I looked at the stats for the blog and the reach. Interesting to see that, although I am in the UK, the largest reach is Russia and USA. Of course, given relative size, a % of population would be a better indicator. It is interesting to see which OS's are used in general and the countries we reach globally. You can now have automatic updates straight to your Kindle if you enjoy my ramblings.   European Elections.Last Thursday saw the inhabitants of Chez Nous glued to the TV until the small hours as we waited for the election results. In our town we didn't have any local elections but we were interested at the trends across the rest of the country. By Sunday night/ Monday Morning it was clear that the trend had continued. Gold Wing Bikers Meeting.As you can imagine, the late hours took some time to recover from but it w…

The southern end of 'The Long Leg of Italy'

Well, what an eventful and mindblowing few days. From the south east of Puglia in southern Italy.
Excuse any mistakes but the screen on the hotel PC has an annoying little sreen in the middle for volume and they can't get rid of it and it hides some of the typing.
Alberobella, Ostuni, Martina Franca in Puglia - all baked in the high 35 plus heat. As did the beautiful brides we saw in every village/town. Truuli houses are truly amazing. It is amazing to hear just how old is the civilisation here.
The journey into the mountains of the Appenines in Calabria was another experience. Especially in a thunderstorm - Allen said we would have been OK on the Gold Wing as there would be enough weight to keep us on the ground - or off it really. But, winding up to Altomonte in the safe hands of our excellent driver Renzo, we came to pur hotel. And what a gem!

Enough for now! Lots to write for southern end of The Long Leg of Italy. . . And lots to chat about to my Italian hairdresser maestro …