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Memories of Travel Experiences. Week 2 - Spain.

Spain is such a vast and diverse country that I will share travels from the south-east inland area this week. A complete contrast to the coastal resorts of the south.In 2010 we decided to make our way to Andorra, which nestles in the Pyrenees between France and Spain, via the Southeast Spanish Pyrenees.  How better can I explain this but to include an adapted excerpt from Chasing Rainbows: Explore with Just Us Two.

<"We were heading to Le Boulou on the D900 just south of Perpignan before turning south west to the border. This route would take us via Prats-de-Mollò-la-Preste high into the Pyrénées over the Coll d’Ares at 1513 metres – almost 5,000 feet – high. We had to remember that once into Spain the road classifications changed and we had to refer to our Spanish maps to check that we would be riding on the C38 to Ripoll. The sun was shining; a perfect day to have the top down on the car. This was what I had dreamed off for many years, to drive along in an open-topped car, sung…

Memories of Pre-Lockdown Travel Experiences.

Along with the rest of humanity, we were forced to cancel our long-awaited travel plans.Hotels were closed. Borders were closed. We were in lockdown along with everyone else but with the added  experience of quarantine until mid June (Wales) as we had the shielding letter. Unable to  go anywhere. May was a difficult month as I descended into a 'what might have been' frame of mind. I am sure that many of you were battling with that as well.So for now, I am going to relive some of the places that we hoped to visit. This week, Portugal to see family. Over the last few years we have spent short periods in Central Portugal. Central Portugal is on a level geographically with Central Spain and going eastwards Madrid and Zaragoza before crossing the Pyrenees. Unlike the Algarve in the south, we found ourselves among the mountains, valleys and some of the most beautiful scenery you can hope to find. 

We have visited some of the villages around. Indeed the first time we stayed on a Quinta o…