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Bills! Bills! Money out. Money in.

Manage your Money. How to Budget Spending.Q.  You earn £20000 a year. Do you assume that you have £20,000 to spend?  If yes - wrong.Q.Do you merrily pay for everything by card? If yes, how do you keep track of your spending? Do you know what you are spending?Q. Do you have a sheet (budget) that lists all your expenses? ALL your expenses or a basic one?
Convenience of Card Payments versus Cash. I am not a fan of contactless payments as I prefer to consciously key in my number after confirming the amount on the screen and safely store my receipt for later recording.In one grocery store where the counter was crowded, my card must have been too near the payment unit as it just 'snatched' my card details. Upon protesting, the customer behind - who possibly thought that I was not technically literate - casually calmed my startled surprise by reassuring me that 'it would show up on my statement'. I responded that I know it will but I didn't want to use contactless. I wante…

Our Journey: Benefits of the NHS Prehabilitation Programme.

Enhanced  Recovery Programme works.My amazing husband went through a gruelling 4-week exercise programme tailored to his limited heart/lung capacity - which was carefully measured beforehand in the Cardio-Respiratory Unit at the Wrexham Maelor Hospital. The three-weekly sessions were closely monitored by physiotherapists. Combined with group sessions for mindfulness run by the Occupational Therapist and course coordinator together with nutrition advice from the Dietitian to prepare the body for the oncoming onslaught, the aim was to raise fitness levels to enable him to cope with the operation and subsequent recovery.
He smashed all his targets in the gym, kept to the eating programme that I carefully designed to increase protein to the Dietitians advised 1.5g per kilo of body weight - without increasing sugar levels to keep with his diabetic programme - and kept up his home exercises with the 'Power Breathe' - purchased by the Shootin…