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The Inspiration for ORANGES: A Journey

An incident between my mother and I when I was a little a little girl.

This incident fired my imagination and, along with other incidents in my life, inspired my dreams of travel to distant lands. Certainly a dream as travel in those days was quite rare for a little girl growing up in the damp and cold Lancashire town. Eventually, I wove my later travels into this story. The initial jacket front cover was taken in Antequera, Andalucia where Orange trees flanked each side of the street with ripening oranges in November, while the back (print) is a photograph taken in Marbella to the West of Malaga. The second and current jacket cover was taken in Nerja, Andalucia - East of Malaga- which we have visited many times in winter.The front in the main Plaza and the back cover(Print) near the famous Balcon de Europa. The streets and Plazas are profuse with ripening orange trees in Winter. 
An excerpt:



The little girl sat at the table, carefully unwrapping the fruit she held in her hand. (She loved grocery day when the fruit was delivered to her mother.) In her hand she held a small orange, savouring the time when she would peel the skin away, and then, taking the juicy fruit piece by piece, pop the segments into her mouth and wait for the burst of juice to explode as her teeth bit into the flesh. Sometimes the oranges were so juicy that the juice ran down her chin and she had to catch it quickly before it stained her dress but sometimes, the pieces were tiny enough to eat in one go.

Gently, the little girl unwrapped the orange, carefully smoothed the creases out of the paper. Not all oranges were wrapped in paper and she loved to choose one that was – they were special – so that she could read the labels and dream of faraway places. (She already knew that bananas came from the other side of the world.) This wrapper was made of flimsy white tissue paper. In the middle, there was a coloured circle with lots of foreign words around the inside but she could just make out the word ‘Valencia’. In the middle of the circle were funny pictures.

‘Mummy, where is Valencia?’ the little girl asked the lady standing nearby.
‘It is in Spain, Charlotte, where the sun nearly always shines.’ Charlotte’s mother smiled gently and went back to her housework.

Charlotte slipped from the table and settled on the rug by the fire, which gave off a welcoming glow as it blazed in the grate. She had been poorly for a few days and had not been well enough to go to school. 
Charlotte was a quiet shy little girl who was over-awed by her family. They were so clever and she always felt that she was not as bright as they were. With her dark straight hair and brown, almost black, eyes she had a promise of hidden depths and beauty to come. Her mother had loving warm arms and Charlotte looked forward to that special time after the mid-day meal when her mother took a rest for an hour. Charlotte would climb onto her knee, cuddle up, and, feeling so safe, go to sleep. Usually when she awoke, her mother was still asleep after her hard morning’s work. At times like this, Charlotte quietly went into her dream world. . . ." The story starts in the east of Central Portugal.

Chapter One – Dreams
Chapter Two – The Estoril Coast in Portugal
Chapter Three – Disaster in the Hills
Chapter Four – Sintra
Chapter Five – An Unexpected Encounter
Chapter Six – Lisbon
Chapter Seven – On a Cloud to Andalucía
Chapter Eight – Granada and the Alhambra Palace
Chapter Nine – Antequera
Chapter Eleven – A Hair-Raising Adventure
Chapter Twelve – The Valle de Lecrin
Chapter Twelve – Almuñécar
Chapter Thirteen Las Alpujarras and Sierra Nevada
Chapter Fourteen – Contrasts of Nerja and Malaga
Chapter Fifteen – A Taste of the High Life
Chapter Sixteen – Gibraltar
Chapter Seventeen – More Flavours of Nerja
Chapter Eighteen – The Awakening

About ORANGES: A Journey:
ORANGES: A Journey is a contemporary fiction, with a hint of romance, built on a dream.
It reflects Marsh’s love of adventure, travel and what she calls ‘sunshine lands’. 
From the book back:
"Falling asleep, Charlotte’s dreams take her into the future where with her friend Daisy they find themselves in Portugal. After their escapades in the remote hills near Obidos, they later explore the coast and mountains of Andalucía in the winter sunshine of southern Spain.
Does Charlotte find oranges?  
Who is the handsome Portuguese Senhor?
And are they really dreams? . . .  
Or reality?"

About Rosalie Marsh:
Award-winning author Rosalie Marsh writes on a variety of topics. Her illustrated biographical Just Us Two travel series and illustrated Lifelong Learning career-based, user-friendly, workbooks draw from her extensive life and work experiences.

What readers say.
 “You successfully weave the inner life of your heroine with the outside world, which cannot be easy to do.” Amazon reader. France.
“Wonderful story that takes the reader to the heart of the place that Rosalie Marsh loves so much.” Jean Mead. Author.

“Look out for this author, she is a rising talent. Read her other book on two older folks travelling on a motorbike so she is one to watch.” Haydn Jones. Amazon

…superb setting.” Amazon reader.

“A gifted author who can bring her travels books alive. She has a wonderful sense of the ridiculous and her style as a raconteur means that the reader feels she is talking personally.” Judith Sharman. Director Judith Sharman et al.
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Happy reading and travelling..

Rosalie Marsh


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