Wednesday, 17 October 2018

A Late Flowering in Rosie's Garden.

After the drought and storms my garden is blooming.

A late flowering pink and white fuchsia
My fuchsia struggled in the hot summer and the recent storms. In the shelter of the wall from the east winds, it has revived and thrived to present us with a glorious display in October. 

Likewise the begonias that I 
put on the wall to make way for vibrant chrysanthemums elsewhere.

Brilliant pink busy lizzies flowering still

White clematis and white busy lizziesI moved the big pot of busy lizzies into the shelter of the wall due to new plantings. They were still flowering and too good to put on the compost heap. The recent rains and sunshine have brought forth more flowers.     The new climbing clematis is growing up the pyramid support. Underplanted with white busy lizzies                                                                    

In the corner, my Arbutus - Strawberry Tree - is producing an abundance of flowers.
Groups of delicate pink and white hanging flowers

So all is well in Rosie's Garden.

Rosalie Marsh 

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