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Living Life to the Full. - Spain on a Gold Wing Motorbike.

‘If we buy a scooter will you travel? Will you brave the ferry? Will you? Can we?’We did but suffice to say, the said scooter quickly became something else:

"Rosie stood transfixed. She had wandered into the showroom out of the way, while Ned looked at the display of kit car models . . .and, there it was – the most beautiful creation you could hope to see. It sat majestically in all its glory, all gleaming black, and chrome. It was huge with deeply padded leather seats, controls, and knobs worthy of an aeroplane cockpit. It waited patiently on its podium just waiting for them to fall in love with it. Ned came to see where she was. ‘What is it?’ Rosie asked in wonder. ‘It is a Gold Wing,’ ‘That is what we need if we are going to tour,’ Rosie said." 
The die was cast, the deed was done, and eventually they sent off with the world at their feet, or rather under their bike wheels and the comfy King and Queen seats.. Spain called. More importantly a little voice calling 'Andalucia…

Scrap the Reading Tax on Reading and Learning. eBooks and Audio.

Will the UK Government follow the recent EU relaxation on taxing digital and audio books? A Campaign by the Society of Authors.An excerpt. (Because I could not write it more clearly.)
"It has been a longstanding principle that VAT is zero-rated on sales of printed books, in order to prevent a tax on reading and a tax on knowledge. An anomaly in EU law has prevented the Government from extending the same status to digital publications such as audiobooks and e-books. But earlier this month the European Commission agreed to allow all member states to give e-books and audiobooks the same VAT-free status as printed books."
Full article here.!
 The Society of Authors are asking members to write to their MPs, urging them to call on the Government to implement this change as part of the upcoming budget on 29 October.  If you feel strongly about this, a template letter for you to personalise will be found in the …

A Late Flowering in Rosie's Garden.

After the drought and storms my garden is blooming. My fuchsia struggled in the hot summer and the recent storms. In the shelter of the wall from the east winds, it has revived and thrived to present us with a glorious display in October. 

Likewise the begonias that I 
put on the wall to make way for vibrant chrysanthemums elsewhere.

I moved the big pot of busy lizzies into the shelter of the wall due to new plantings. They were still flowering and too good to put on the compost heap. The recent rains and sunshine have brought forth more flowers.     The new climbing clematis is growing up the pyramid support. Underplanted with white busy lizzies                                                                    

In the corner, my Arbutus - Strawberry Tree - is producing an abundance of flowers.

So all is well in Rosie's Garden.

Rosalie Marsh