Saturday, 22 September 2018

Preparing for a Webinar Presentation

Customer Service in your Organization with

In my book Talking the Talk, I emphasise how important the three 'P's' are.
Plan, Prepare, and Practise.

Practising what I preach, I took this message with me as I began to tailor my usual generic presentation on Customer Service to the Health and Social Care Professions and their varied organizations.

The underlying messages are the same the world over but in a face-to-face workshop it is easier to have interaction. However the Go to Webinar software programme has a facility for delegates to interact by typing in questions and comments. I have done this many times as a delegate.
If you work in the Health and Social Care sector, having the tools to deal with your service users can increase your confidence in a difficult situation.

Here is an excerpt from the registration page:

The aim of the webinar is to enable you to deal more effectively with service users and the problems that you face in meeting service standards.
Learning Outcomes
  • An increased awareness of a variety of communication skills
  •  A wider appreciation of your customer service/service provider role within your organization.
  •  The tools to deal with problems and complaint.
Webinar Outline
  •  Customer service in context in relation to service users.
  •  Creating a positive impression of your organization
  •  Team work and constructive working relationships
  •  Dealing with problems and complaints
  •  Oral communication 
  •  Telephone techniques
  •  Written communication
Registration is easy and FREE. When? Tuesday, September 25th Time? 8:00pm

I look forward to meeting you.

Rosalie Marsh