Tuesday, 14 August 2018

Island Interludes - an overview

Over the last few blog posts, I have given you a flavour of our travels over the years as we escaped from the hurly burly of life to the wonderful and diverse islands of the Atlantic Ocean and Mediterranean islands.

Which is my favourite? It is hard to choose between them as they all have their own charm and, to be honest it depends what you are looking for.

Cyprus with its ancient culture contrasting with the southern beaches baking in the sunshine provides rest and relaxation together with opportunities for exciting days out in the coolness of the interior and northern coast.
Malta has a wealth of history and culture as well as wonderful hotels on the coast where the warm waters of the Mediterranean Sea lap at the coast.
Sicily. Charming Sicily which goes back thousands of years - as do Malta and Cyprus. The Greek Theatre in Taormina is set amidst of what is now a bustling city. Amazing that it has withstood the test of time over thousands of years from its position high above the sea as it guards the island.

Sao Miguel in the Azores hides away in the North Atlantic. Lying parallel to Lisbon in Portugal it is one of a chain of islands. When we went, we felt as if we were in another world but now, these islands are opening up more to tourists.
Madeira in the warm waters a little further south - off the West coast of Africa -  is known as a 'floating garden' such is the abundance of flora and fauna. The levadas or waterways which feed water from the mountains across the island are a walkers paradise.
The Islas Canarias. The Canary Islands) of Fuerteventura, Lanzarote lying closest to the west coast of Africa, are a complete contrast to the greener and diverse Tenerife, Gran Canaria and La Gomera. I defy anyone not to find one that suits them.

Read our stories and adventures. The Boom Trike adventure in Fuerteventura was a total delight and vies for space with our little scooter adventure in Tenerife where we rode up to Mount Teide - and gently coasted down on a last drop of petrol.

But which is my favourite?

The mysterious island of La Gomera has the edge I think although it is hard to choose.
perhaps you can choose?

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