Sunday, 25 March 2018

Sunshine Islands - This week - Exploring Malta.

"Another day, another place, another island

What is it that draws us to the islands with their varied history, cultures, and geographical interests? Is it because we are from an island race? Whatever – we are drawn."


a"In the southern region of Malta, Qormi is known by its title Citta Pinto. It is the fifth largest city of Malta and has two Parishes – the Parish of St. George and the second one the Parish of St. Sebastian. My Maltese friend/colleague who shared this information, was

born, lived, and was married in Qormi.

The first part of today’s adventure was a visit to a typical farmhouse and a talk about the island. The farmhouse was not like any that we had seen before. The rooms were built around a central courtyard. Many archways led to the rooms within; the upper story was surrounded by a balcony running all around, from which hung a variety of greenery. The courtyard was laid out with long tables set out for our refreshments. As the courtyard was open to the elements, everywhere was a pleasant feeling of light and air.
Photo of a Craft Centre in Malta

After making an orderly queue to collect a cup of tea and typical Maltese cake that was set out on long tables, everyone found a seat to rest and enjoy the forthcoming talk on the area. This included how people lived and make a living from the wines and crafts made there. Afterwards, our route out to the coach took us – naturally – through the inevitable shop that sold all manner of goods including wine. We then went on to visit the Ta' Qali Craft Centre where the famous Mdina Glass is made. . ."

Around St. Julian’s Bay.

A view of the colourful St Julian's Bay. Malta"St. Julian’s Bay on the north coast of Malta, is the larger bay enhanced by smaller bays that follow the contours of the coastline. We were based at the tip of Spinola Bay with the sights and sounds of Sliema in front of us. Later that afternoon I continued recording.
‘There are quite a few boats on the horizon. I am not sure if you can see them from here [on the film].’
I was then able to capture St. Julian’s Tower that sits at the tip of land jutting out from Sliema and the many tall buildings that line the shore. Beyond that, the sailors taking advantage of the sunshine and coolness out on the water as they sailed their yachts in full sail. Of course, not everyone was so energetic. Many sleek motor launches and yachts were still sleeping peacefully. One boat was towing a smaller one behind, no doubt for getting closer to shore. As it was the middle of a major football tournament – don’t expect me to know what it was or who was playing – there was a lot of cheering across the bay that even my family could hear when I telephoned them later. . ."

An excerpt from Island Interludes: Just Us Two Escape to the Sun. Available in paperback, glossy hardcover and digital formats worldwide for most devices.


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