Tuesday, 13 March 2018

A Flavour of Sunshine Islands.

Tenerife. El Teide and Masca Valley. An Excerpt from Island Interludes.

"Turning off the main road to the Roques de Garcia, the most astounding rock formations left from  an eruption took away our breath. Essentially, these rock formations were in a crater, the sides of which had eroded away in places to leave the unique and fantastically shaped towering rock formations of a glowing, deep, rust colour." 
"Nearing lunch-time, we stopped at the charming coastal village of Chio where the owners of El Rancho were waiting for us with a simple lunch of soup or Spanish omelette, bread, wine or water, and coffee or tea. Chio is near the village of Guiá de Isora and was on our way to the Masca Valley. The restaurant was bedecked in heavily flowering bougainvillea on the terrace. Potted plants abounded while others contrasted with the white walls and the rustic feel presented to the onlooker." Moving on, we headed towards the Masca Valley and the towering Teno Massif which dominates every twist and turn of the switchback road that first climbed high before flowing down into the valley. We were now in the north of the island. La Palma was still visible against the clear blue sky as it nestled on its bed of cotton wool-like clouds." Excerpt from Island Interludes: Just Us Two Escape to the Sun.  Illustrated with twenty-five photographs and five maps. In colour in the eBooks.(Photos in this post are extras)                                  
ISBN 9781908302434 PB. Paperback, hardback, and eBook.                                                     Rosalie Marsh. discover-rosalie.com   christalpublishing.com

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