Tuesday, 30 January 2018

My Guest Spot on CalonFM 105fm

Dave Williams of Community Focus on Community Radio CalonFM. 

Date: Tuesday January 30th
Time: 12-14hrs

Arriving early - unusual for me but I could hear my OH's usual admonishments in my ear -I was immediately bowled over by this new addition to the Univesity. CalonFM used to be housed in a small space at the top of another building. BBC Cymru used to be housed at the top of the round tower at the  Wrexham Library and former Oriel Wrexham. ( I have been privileged  to visit both in the past.

Now, both of them have been re-housed in this spanking new, state of the art building. I didn't even need headphones!

Image Guest Rosalie Marsh with Dave Williams  - presenter

Dave is a very relaxed person and amazing person and a wonderful presenter,and chatted throughout in between music and news to draw out topics of interest from the guest. Richard, who was producing and sorting all the fades, timings, and music etc. joined in with these chats. I think that I sparked of his interest into Spain and Portugal.

Dave was keen to chat about my writings in general and our former Gold Wing touring motorbike travels in Just Us Two: Ned and Rosie's Gold Wing Discovery which formed the basis of the Just Us Two Travel series.

Image of guest Rosalie Marsh with presenter Dave Williams in front of the microphones in the studioImage of Richard at the computer wearing headphones. Community Focus, CalonFMTopics were wide-ranging from how I started to write, what inspired me to write Just Us Two and the others, and what I am planning to write next. We also had some also had a good discussion on my Zip Wire experience with a fellow Lancs and Lakes Gold Wings member (region of Gold Wing Owners' Club of Great Britain [G.W.O.C.G.B.] I explained that we did it for the charity Dreamflight as well as celebrating a big birthday each. Mine a bit bigger than Ian's. 


Friday, 26 January 2018

An Award-Winning First Edition Signed Copy

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A picture of Just Us Two jacket front. a couple with a Gold Wing motorbike. Clouds and sunflowerspicture of author. narratice, sunflowers and blue sky.


Sunday, 14 January 2018

Coming up for air.

After the onslaught of winter recently when the snow buried all the spring plants that were flowering early, we are pleased that they have all survived and throwing up fresh buds.

The cyclamen plants in particular were a worry as they looked so colourful and cheerful.
A low, round garden pot with white dianthus and a vibrant pink cyclamen flowering.

A garden boot with a vibrant flowering pink cyclamen

A message came from my husband that the plants had all survived the snow and bitter cold winds. I have had a quick look this morning and pulled off a lot of dead cyclamen flowers but was heartened to see many new buds pushing up from a nest of leaves which are sheltering them.

A deep garden pot with a ball of avibrant yellow flowering chrysanthemum

The big mounds of chrysanthemum plant are now looking sorry for themselves! They were such a lovely, bright addition to the autumn garden. They need cutting back now ready for next winter.

After the garden re-vamp before Christmas I am looking forward to the snowdrops, a variety of  miniature bulbs, and  all the salvaged tulips and daffodils pushing up to herald the coming of Spring.

A new season with new promises.

After the unexpected and intensive research project of the last few months followed by report writing and submissions, I am also looking forward to a quieter life and channelling my research more into Charlotte's story. It is time that she came of the back burner!


Sunday, 7 January 2018

Memories of Cordoba and Ronda, Andalucia, Spain.

We didn't manage in November to make what has become an annual visit to the warmth of Spain in the winter sunshine. Memories kept us warm. Those ancient cities of Cordoba and Ronda are worth a re-visit. 
We will also never forget that epic trip that we made on our Honda Gold Wing touring motorbike in 2001. Although an age away it still seems like yesterday.

The excursions that I chatted about in a previous post some years later were by other means.


Wednesday, 3 January 2018

My Review of Hannah. by Jean Mead.

The latest historical fiction from Jean Mead.

3 January 2018
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