Friday, 6 October 2017

On the Nursery Trail. Not Babies and Children - Gardens.

With some beautiful Cheshire countryside on the way. 

Thursday saw myself and my other half, list in one hand, set off for a jaunt into Cheshire. Our destination was Grasslands Nursery in Lower Peover and Over Peover. And you are better with a satnav if you are not familiar with the area. (I never thought that I would say that!).
First stop was a cuppa at their Snowdrop Cafe. It seems a regular stop for these hardy cyclists.
Mission accomplished, after trundling two plants down to the 'Pay Here' hut we manoeuvred them into the car and headed out to our next stop. Our visit didn't take long as I had done a web search to find who stocked what we wanted.

Grasslands is a nursery, with rows upon row of sturdy plants of all kinds. But it is not a Garden Centre and therefore does not have the usual  shop full of goodies. Therefore, we wended our way through the rich Cheshire countryside with its trees and hedges turning gold in the autumn sunshine. 

Guided by our trusty satnav we soon found Plumleys Plant and Garden Centre but went past as the roadworks and work van outside his the signs. Turning around down the leafy country lane, we soon went back through the traffic lights and into the car park. Our search now was for various garden implements and bulbs. Although a lovely shop, with an enticing plant area - we weren't looking for plants - we didn't find what we were looking for. It was too early for a snack  lunch in the lovely cafe.

The last on our list was the Weaver Vale Garden Centre - a Klondyke and Strikes Garden Centre - at Winnington, Northwich. Eventually, after reaching Northwich from a different side from what we are
used to, we headed out, passing signs for the Anderton Boat Lift at Weaverham on the way.(Memories of Sunday ride-outs on our Honda Gold Wing motorbike.) Eventually, turning down a side road, we found the most wonderful garden centre. After a spot of lunch - just a scone for me and a piece of apple pie for him - we spent a happy hour inside looking at garden tools and bulbs for the garden.

After all this hard work we treated ourselves to an early dinner out - with a special 'Dine for Two' deal at the Egerton Arms on the edge of Cheshire and Wrexham. I have to say that the tomato and olive sauce with the salmon, dauphinoise potatoes, and spinach was excellent. I could have eaten a bowl of it. No hot spices to spoil it as some chefs are want to add to all sorts of dishes for the unsuspecting diner. The Pino Grigio Blush wine was also excellent.

Guess what I have been doing today?

After a late start due to lying awake in the early hours mentally writing a fairy story, I got out the graph paper and planned where to plant the bulbs. Don't you just love playing around with graph paper pencil and a ruler? Measuring out all those squares against what you have to put in them? No, I don't just toss them in the air and see where they fall. It is all in the planning.

'Job Done' as they say.


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