Monday, 3 July 2017

Leaving full-time Education? Changing jobs?

The Importance of  Employability Skills.

You may have had an interview? Were you successful or are you still waiting for that all-important job offer? What do employers expect?

Either way, one aspect in any job is good customer service. 

Internal and External Customers.

Does the statement above surprise you? Just because you are not dealing with the general public in a face-to-face or telephone situation or selling something to them does not mean that the person to whom you are speaking or writing to is not a customer.

What is a customer? 

"A customer is someone for whom you do something, e.g., carry out a task, sell something to, or provide a service. These are the backbone of the business . . ." 
(Skills for Employability Part Two: Moving into Employment/Chapter Four. The Importance of Good Customer Service.)

Good communication skills are essential.

We will look at internal customers in this short post. A person from another department will probably ask you to do something for them such as find information, carry out some research, or even simply gather some records for them. These may not seem much to you but the 'customer' may have an important meeting or deadline on which further work depends.
The 'customer' may not be someone above you. It could be a junior assistant or operative.

" For an organisation to operate effectively, all parts must work together." The needs of the customer must be balanced by the needs of the organisation. Therefore you need  to have a mix of sound knowledge and skills. Any company worth its salt will be training you in important aspects of the company. Its products, people and clients.

  • You need telephone skills. 
  • You need e-mail writing skills. 
  • You need a basic level at least of Information Communication technology (ICT) skills.

Take every opportunity to learn.

Above all -  show a willingness to learn, to be adaptable, to be helpful and cheerful.


If you are waiting on the results of your exams then I wish you well. If you have been offered a job, well done. If you are still looking, then keep beavering away and take some voluntary work in the meantime. And add it to your CV. It speaks a lot about your attitude to work.

Take-away: Here is the link to another post from last year.The Importance of Good Customer Service.