Monday, 31 July 2017

Flavours of Italy.

Leaving hilltop Altomonte in Calabria for the Straits of Messina and Sicily.

"Geographically, we were heading down the very top of the foot of Italy down to the toe. At Cosenza, we passed through many tunnels cut into the rock. These gave us glimpses of the green, lush, mainly pine, covered Sila Mountains which were on my left as we travelled south; lying on the bottom of the foot ‘between Rossano to the north and
The archways and cool greenery in the cloisters in Altomonte, Calabria, Italy.
Catanzaro to the south’.
The beauty, the sheer lushness of the land, and the fertility of the area that is now a National Park awed us. Opposite us on the coach was the stairwell for the back exit. This gave us a clear view through the wide window on the other side of the coach. I was therefore able to catch some of the wonderful views on both sides. To the right, we were now starting to hug the coastal motorway with clear views of the Tyrrhenian Sea as we headed towards the Straits of Messina."

Memories have come flooding back as I prepare an updated eBook manuscript. 

Rosalie Marsh

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