Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Computer Work versus a Sunshine Escape.

The sun shone. The computer pulled me back. The shone shone brighter.

I looked longingly out of the window. 
'I should be sitting in the sun,' I thought to myself, 'not beavering away on the computer.' The sunshine won. My husband appeared at the study door on his return from town.
'Do you fancy a ride out somewhere? It is a shame to waste the sunshine.'
Needing no further bidding he came back with, 'Let's go to the Bull in Llangefni.'
Off we set taking the quick road along the A55 to Anglesey. This Expressway cuts through some lovely parts of North Wales and bresting hill after hill the whole landscape is spread out before your eyes. We never tire of it.

Rosalie_Marsh photo_Llyn_Ogwen_SnowdoniaI teasingly commented when we neared Llangefni, 'You are having a change using road maps and not a Sat Nav. (We had only picked up a loan hire car the day before and had not had time to set up the Sat Nav.) In any case, we have ridden and driven on these roads many times over more years than we care to remember.
Lunch at the Bull Hotel in Llangefni was excellent as always. After this we took the scenic route back. Leaving the island, the 'humps' of the mountains of Snowdownia told us that we were near the mainland. Taking the A5 - the old main route from London to Holyhead - we passed Llyn Ogwen by the roadside between Bangor and Capel Curig. I think I dozed a little after this as soon we were approaching the Swallow Falls just outside Betws-y-Coed.
Rosalie_Marsh_at Betws-y-Coed_SnowdoniaOur destination was the picturesque railway station with its many craft shops, cafes and ice cream shops in the railway buildings.We enjoyed a Kellys of Cornwall ice cream but only a small one as someone pushed in and put OH off his stroke. A short while later we succumbed and had what we had originally wanted. A chocolate waffle cone with two scoops.  It was lovely sitting in the sunshine as we licked at our cones watching the world go by. It was very busy with tourists.
Soon it was time to head home. After the traumas of the last few weeks with the new car and bureaucratic forms for a Blue Badge renewal (which seems to change every time and staff singing from different hymn sheets) the sunshine and peace of Snowdonia restored our equilibrium.


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