Saturday, 22 July 2017

45 days to release - Countdown to Island Interludes. Introducing Cyprus

Where is Cyprus?

'The enchanting and mysterious [to me] island of Cyprus basks in the sunshine of the Eastern Mediterranean Sea. Lush and fertile it sits below Turkey, east of the Greek island of Crete and west of the countries of Syria and Israel. The north of the island belongs to Turkey and the south to Greece.'

'Basking quietly in the warmth of the Cyprus Sea, the island holds many secrets of its ancient and colourful past that, today, blends with its more modern surroundings as many tourists flock to discover its rich history and culture or simply to soak up the sun. Perhaps both.' (Excerpt from Island Interludes.)

Discovering Cyprus.

You might want to head west to Pafos (Greek spelling) and beyond. There are many smart hotels along this sunshine coast. Just outside Pafos are the remains of the House of Dionysus with its fantastic mosaics. It was built around the end of the second century AD. Further along the coast is the Rock of Aphrodite.

Lefkara,a sleepy village in the hills above Limassol, is famous for its silver filigree work and lace making. The men do the silver while the women concentrate on the lace. You will see them sitting outside their shops in the sunshine as they work at the piece resting
on a kind of cushion on their lap. I brought a lovely lace mat back one year. It is hard to tell which is the 'right' side and which is the 'wrong' side, such is the skill of the women.

The Troodos mountains to the north west offer another cooler experience to the hot sunshine of the south coast. Hiring a car is a good way to get around and why, on two of our visits, we were able to explore so much of the island. You get the chance to see more of the real Cyprus with its charming mountain villages such as Polis high above the north west coast . . ..

I won't tell you anymore now. It will spoil your own experience of an armchair traveller as you read about our exploits in Island Interludes.

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