Saturday, 29 July 2017

38 days to go - Countdown to Island Interludes. Introducing Madeira

Where is Madeira?

Madeira is known as a floating garden in the Atlantic Ocean. Why? The subtropical climate is mild all the year round hardly varies. Madeira lies in the eastern part of the North Atlantic Ocean,off the coast of Africa.
I remember the first time that we visited, our Rep. warned us not to be fooled by the cloud which sometimes appears. 'It is an African sun and can still burn.'
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Scenes of Madeira.

There is much to tell you about Madeira which is a delight at any time of the year. Due to its climate and position in the warm Atlantic waters, vegetation is lush and flowers abound. In fact, one unforgettable scene in the capital Funchal is the famous colourful and bustling market where flower-sellers,'dressed in traditional costume of red skirt with colourful stripes from waist to hem,waistcoat,white blouse, and a pointed black hat,' display the most wonderful exotic flowers.' The abundant displays of fruit and enormous vegetables in wicker baskets, the masses of flowers, and the cries of stall holders shouting their wares all add to this unique atmosphere.'

alt = "The famous basket ride from Monte to Funchal"The capital of the island is Funchal. Lying on the south coast  at the base of mountains that rise up behind, it has a long history. Today, the harbour welcomes the many cruise ships which brig visitors to the island. The airport has been greatly extended since our first visit there many years ago. The runway is not so short now so you don't think that the pilot will crash into the mountainside as he lands!

On our first visit, we took advantage of the Island Tour. We always feel that this is worth it; worth the long day to see so much of the island and hear about the history and customs.We also had the Monte experience where we hurtled down the mountain to Funchal in a wicker basket.
The following two visits were at New Year when we were treated to the famous firework displays. 
One visit followed on from our visit to the Azores that I chatted about two weeks ago. But I won't spoil the story anymore . . .

Excerpts from Island Interludes - Madeira.