Sunday, 9 April 2017

Exciting Times. Challenges and Deadlines.

New books coming out of the incubator.

Rosalie's Chatter has been muted for a few weeks. Why?

The decision in 'Chateau Christal' to bring out all the travel books and the travel-based fiction out in hardback formats caused a flurry of detailed planning, collaboration and decisions on formatting to a new size and jacket design, much updating of the 'technical' stuff before finally being ready to upload to the printer/distributor - Ingram Spark.

In general we thought the current covers would suffice but eventually decided to update ORANGES: A Journey and Chasing Rainbows:with Just Us Two.

Updating the paperback and eBooks.

It seemed a shame not to feed these new covers into the paperback books and therefore the ePub formats that Ingram Spark converted for us when we consolidated digital distribution with them  last year. (What started off so simple, snowballed.)
Especially, as brand new flyers, showcasing the hardback formats,were at the printers.These were needed to co-incide with the Wrexham Carnival of Words events in the town -  not least the promotion by Sue Miller of the Wrexham Carnival of Words Writers' Group in collaboration with Ged of Waterstones Wrexham  to support local writers. The Waterstones event runs for two weeks (April 22nd - May 6th). The week before and the week during the Carnival of Words. There is also another event at which I am taking part in the Wrexham Library on May 3rd.

ORANGES. has had a complete overhaul with a full page image both front and back. On the back is one of my favourite scenes in Nerja [Costa del Sol], the view through the archway at the side of the Balcon de Europa where the steps lead down to the sea. In the Plaza in winter a huge orange tree spills its ripened oranges over a wall. Perfect for the front.

An excerpt:
"In  her hand, she held a small orange, savouring the time when she would peel the skin away, and then, taking the juicy fruit piece by piece, pop the segments into her mouth and wait for the burst of juice to explode as her teeth bit into the flesh...
On this dark dismal day in cold England, Charlotte could only dream in wonder of a land that was warm enough to ripen an orange. Would she ever be able to see for herself? After all,[ in the 1960's even a journey to the next town was still an adventure. 
Charlotte dreamed of the day when she could see these lands of sunshine. As she dreamed, she became more and more excited as she thought of these far-away lands. In her excitement, she squeezed the orange tighter and tighter until it burst, spraying droplets of juice into the air.
Through the drops, glistening in the firelight like jewels as they rained down, she could see glimpses of sunshine, vague images of white buildings, narrow streets winding upwards, and an abundance of flowers and fruits.
Charlotte reached up. She caught some droplets of juice in her hands. Tucking the orange into her pocket, she settled on the rug by the warm fire, her imagination running riot as she caressed her orange. Charlotte was on a journey."
Charlotte' dreams take her into the future, to the Lisbon coast and her escapades in the hills above, before another dream sends her into the mountains and coast of Andalucia in southern Spain; in particular, Nerja, east of Malaga and more, where Charlotte and her friend Daisy get into more scrapes.

ORANGES is one of two Rosalie Marsh books selected to be part of the Wrexham Carnival of Words - Waterstones display. The other one is The Long Leg of Italy: Explore with Just US Two.