Saturday, 18 March 2017

A Glorious Time in Tenerife

March 2017 and a return to the Islas Canarias.

After a long wait at  Manchester Airport - actually three and a half hours sitting on an aeroplane in the de-icing queue - we finally landed in the sunshine of Tenerife. This trip was essentially a field trip as the excursions on offer would allow us to revisit the interior of the island after ten years and bring ourselves up-to-date on this diverse and beautiful island of contrasts.

With visits to:

  • Los Cristianos, Puerto Santiago and San Juan on the west coast; 
  • Puerto de la Cruz on the north coast; 
  • Santa Cruz de Tenerife and Candelaria in the south-east; 
  • The Taganana Valley in the north-east and La Laguna in the centre of the north and south eastern coasts;
  • El Teide National Park in the centre of the island;
  • The Masca Valley on the north western tip;
  • The island of La Gomera off the west coast, all accompanied by excellent guides and increasingly hot sunshine, we had a glorious two weeks.
The nearby marina in Golf del Sur was a little more strenuous walk than anticipated but Allen got some good photographs including the yellow submarine which rests there in between trips out to the sea to see whales and dolphins and tall ships.

In Las Canadas del Teide National Park - which we have visited twice before - we were blown away by the Roques de Garcia which we had not seen before. Essentially, it is a crater where the walls have eroded away to leave the most fantastic and unique shapes.

We enjoyed lunch at El Rancho in Chio; a lovely restaurant where the walls and cool terraces are smothered in blooms.

Our return to the small island of La Gomera by fast ferry confirmed our impression that it is possibly the most beautiful of all the five that we have visited over the years.

I took much film and lots of notes/impressions from which to draw on for the last chapter in Island Interludes:Just Us Two Escape to the Sun. Publication is planned for later this year with pre-ordering in the summer from booksellers and e-retailers worldwide. 

Rosalie xx