Sunday, 19 February 2017

Progress on Island Interludes.

Interior formatting and choosing photos.

With a major proof and copy edit completed - not the final one you understand - it was time to select a sample of photographs from the hundreds that we have taken over the years covered by Island Interludes.

Thankfully, most of our photographs are stored digitally but many are pre-digital times.
Here is a sneak peek of one or two. Boom Trike in Fuerteventura and Mazzaro in Sicily.

Yes, Island Interludes covers twenty-five years of happy exploration and adventure.

Interrupting my husband from his comfortable TV watching, "I need you" was my usual plea? instruction? With a crook of my finger he would tear himself away from Quest, Dave, How it's Made, snooker, or an old cowboy film that is daytime viewing.

His sharp eye is a good judge of what would work and what wouldn't. I checked how they would look greyscale. Unfortunately colour printing is tempting but not feasible for this book. Following an initial first batch, we narrowed it down to 25 or so plus maps to introduce the sections.

The next step was to run the images through Photoshop14 before inserting the images into the manuscript. This called for a fair amount of reformatting as page and section breaks changed.

Finally, with a certain sense of satisfaction, all was complete - for now - as with a focus, sticky notes on he computer screen, lists, and my calendar blanked out on certain days,I achieved my targets.

Time to reflect and re-visit.

It is now time to have some 'reflecting and thinking' time as we take a step back and re-visit after the forthcoming 'field' trip to one of our favourite islands.

Meanwhile, read my previous posts both more recent and other posts over the last few years. These would be mainly in February/March for the Canaries but summer for the Mediterranean islands. (Some of our Island Interludes were pre-blog time.

Happy reading.

Rosalie xx