Monday, 14 November 2016

A Sparkling Sunday Morning in Nerja, southern Spain

It was early. The church bells were ringing in a medley of sounds waking people from their beds.

'Come on, wake up, time for church', they seemed to say as the town sleepily awoke at 10:00am. 'Time to enjoy this wonderful sunny day.'

Alighting from the blue Urban Bus at the second stop in the middle of
the town, we slowly wandered through he narrow streets to the Plaza Cavana, passing the Iglesia El Savaldor - it was too early to go in - as we headed to the famous Balcon de Europa. Sitting above the sparkling blue and turquoise sea with the backdrop of mountains, the Balcon was a magnet to all.

Strolling past the church the timeless sight of the white aches, through
which we had a view of the mountains and sea, met us as we made our way towards the railings. We rested awhile allowing the suns rays to warm us as they shone down before bouncing off the sea sending shining sparkling lights into the air.

It was early November; the early sunshine in a cloudless sky at this time of day was welcome as, at this time of year, there could be a nip in the air without the warming rays of the sun. The church bells sounded a little different now - more urgent. It was time to make a move. 

later, we wandered back to our favourite cafe at the end of the Balcon where we knew that we would find one of the best cups of tea - according to Allen who is an expert on these matters. It was Hornimans tea, a make that we used to see a lot of in the UK many years ago, and
very reasonable.

Relaxing in the sunshine to the beautiful sounds of the strings of a harp being plucked by a lone musician we could not help but to be appreciative of our good fortune.Our Sunday ended with our usual lunch at the Marinas de Nerja, lots of sunshine, a paper for me to read, and Moto GP or F1 for Allen.

Rosalie xx

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