Sunday, 18 September 2016

The crisp mornings of late summer.

Floating serenely into autumn.

September is a lovely month I always feel and this year it has not disappointed. The mornings, hidden for a while with a lingering mist, soon emerge with the promise of sunshine.
This week has been no exception with temperatures staying high. This in itself brings another problem each morning. What to wear. Tuesday was no exception.

Decisions, decisions.

We had a business appointment so smart dress was in order. I started of thinking that something light and floaty with an added light wool jacket would be in order. On second thoughts, I realised that bare legs would not be suitable, changed to a semi-formal fitted dress and all that went with it. Putting on a jacket, I went, "Phew, it's hot", so changed for a light cardigan.
Our appointment and discussions over and all dressed up with nowhere to go, I ventured of my OH, 'Are you up to a drive out or are you too tired?'. With relief at getting some movement on the current issue casting a blight on our lives, he assured me that he was OK and thought that I wold be suggesting something.

After some discussion, we headed towards the Oswestry road and settled for the Moreton Garden Centre  at Chirk for a look around before  lunch at the Lord Moreton next door.
This has changed hands since our last visit, has been refurbished, and appears to be geared more to adults. A very pleasant interlude where we enjoyed a light lunch.

On Thursday, my day off, the sun was still shining brightly. Actually, it was quite hot by late morning; a quick change into a strappy sundress was in order before our car turned its nose down the A5 towards Llangollen. The town was thronged with visitors and on turning left over the bridge by the restored railway a sign pinned to a lamppost announced the upcoming Balloon Fest - what a sight that promised.  Negotiating the narrow turning towards the Chain Bridge Hotel and the now restored chain bridge over the River Dee I reflected how cool and peaceful this spot was as you walked or drove along the narrow canal path between the towering sheer wall of rock on the other side of the canal and the river babbling along among the trees far below on the other side.

This is a lovely spot, as I have chatted about before, and popular with walkers and tourists alike. After a walk along the canal, the terrace overlooking the river is a restful place to enjoy a welcome cup of tea and snack from the bar of the hotel. Inside, the bar has panoramic windows that, when open, allow the sound of the river rushing along as it pounds over the rocks below.
It is now Sunday and time to get ready for church. The morning is crisp with a promise of a warm sun later as it peeps through my study window. Still not decided what to wear, I am off now to talk to myself and consider all options. Again layering is the answer.

Just a small interlude in my busy life. Got to keep up standards. It is not all lunches out really. I do work hard.