Monday, 22 August 2016

More tales in the hurly burly of writing life.

The last few weeks have been a mixed bag.

Wearing two hats in my writing, marketing and publishing life I hop about from one focus to  another. I was going to say  from my main love, travel,  but both travel and personal development are dear to my heart.

It is August and the silly season when many people forsake the UK for more exotic climes. I did read this weekend that the number of what they call 'staycation' holidays have increased massively. In other words people have stayed in the UK.

During our years riding our beloved Honda Gold Wing we went on ride-outs in North Wales and beyond as well as  to events in other parts of the country. I have to say that if we had not, we would never have discovered the true beauty, diversity, and the staggering extremes in the formation of this land of ours. On a bike you can go on roads that you wouldn't have dreamed of before. It is not the same in a car - you are not at one with the world the same.

With our wings clipped now - forgive the pun -  we are limited to reading on Face Book how our friends are having fun as they hop from one event to another or simply ride off in a group. Snowdonia is one of our favourites as I have posted on here many times. The drive to Llangollen in particular and Betws-y-Coed are so different at all times of the year when the mountains are wearing a different dress. Barren one season, clothed in purple heather and yellow gorse, or snow capped mountains giving way to the new growth of spring in others, at every turn the view is stupendous.

So what about this mixed bag?

It is also that time of year when many are leaving full-time education and stepping into

that scary new world of work. Their learning journey has not ended with full-time education. It in reality is only just starting as they forge their way in the world.

Now that I am a lone worker, I find that I am increasing my knowledge on the technical front as the organisations that I work with on the publishing side have updated and expanded their websites for data submission.  All exciting as I can now feed more detailed metadata to the printer/distributor.  The hosting company for my websites recently re-designed their platform which meant that I had to completely update and input  before the cut off date of September which is now alarmingly near. The changes make for a more vibrant site and even more user-friendly experience for anyone not familiar with using HTML to build a site as I am.

Now, after a change of priorities in the 'to-do' list over the last few weeks, it is time to focus on outstanding work, complete the metadata updating, and progress the notes on Tenerife and complete the first draft for Island Interludes before the end of August. ( We do have a field trip planned next year to re-visit the interior of Tenerife - just to check facts and update you see.