Saturday, 2 July 2016

Monfortinho - a hidden gem in Portugal

Monfortinho and the Termes de Monfortinho.

To round off our journey through France and Spain to Portugal, I must tell you about a most delightful village near the  Portuguese/Spanish border.
As you cross the border from Spain,  the delightful, cobbled village of Monfortinho is hidden from the road as it nestles in the valley.
The cobbled streets wind up and down and around the village to bring you, past the church and back onto the main road again. As it was siesta time after a wonderful lunch in Termes de Monfortinho, we didn't have the opportunity to explore more. Most sensible people were sleeping off the effects of a good lunch.

Termes de Monfortinho is a village which has developed around the Thermal Springs which have become famous for their therapeutic properties. In this area, many rivers flow down
from the mountains which surround the area.

Before meeting family one day, we decided to take a look. We were very pleasantly surprised at the scale of the village and the very modern properties. Reaching a junction, we came upon a long, tree-lined street. Parking up we wandered around and came upon the welcoming and traditional Hotel Boa Vista.
As it was so hot, we decided not to rest on the terrace but settled inside for a cool drink. Chatting to Rui he assured us that there was a lift asked if we wanted to see some rooms. The hotel is about 100 years old and, in order to facilitate a lift, they  had built it on a corner outside and surrounded it by glass. Very innovative and shows what can be done. The rooms are traditional with all modern conveniences.

The following day we took family there for  lunch. The welcome was even greater than on the previous visit and with all parties using  a smattering of Portuguese and English plus a phrase book we negotiated our way around the menu which, I have to say, involved very good portions of food..  Before this, we had strolled around the village looking what they had to offer. It is utterly charming. After lunch, on seeing the Artesano (pottery)shop, we stopped the car and dived inside into the coolness of this wonderful shop full of Portuguese pottery. Really, I could have filled the boot of the car!
Perhaps next time?
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