It has been quiet of late but we are back with a bang. In the meantime there have been many developments in the distribution side of publishing and I though that it was time to bring them all together on our updated website.


The website itself was forced to go through a huge updating as our US host Website Builder had made many changes to their interface. As part of our website plan with Ricks Cheap Domains we have a search engine optimization (SEO) produst with many tools and analytics for effective marketing.

Global Print and Distribution.

Print and pdf digital formats are powered by Lightning Source - a leader in print on demand technology - part of the Ingram Content Group who offer integrated print, digital, wholesale and distribution services worldwide.
Other digital formats are handles primarily bo other US companies. Read more here in this extract from the About Us page of Christal Publishing website.

About Christal Publishing.[Extract]

Formed to publish books written with a burning need to share  profound, emotional, travel adventures (on a motorbike) and to make learning accessible for those who could not attend formal courses but, in order to realise their potential and enhance their future , needed to fill gaps in life skills and experiences. All aspects of editing, formatting, book interior and jacket design are undertaken in-house to meet a variety of submission criteria.
For the best possible reading experience and to reach a global readership, we offer all titles in print and multiple e-book formats. All illustrations - photos, tables, charts, diagrams - are in full colour in eBooks.
Print Distribution. All books are print to order (print on demand from a single copy upwards) with Lightning Source - part of the Ingram Content Group. The books are printed  using high quality, acid-free paper from responsible sources. The Ingram Book Group global distribution services reach booksellers, libraries, schools, Internet commerce companies and other partners around the world. Lightning Source have printing facilities in the  UK Lightning Source, US, Australia, and Europe. In addition there are global print and distribution partnerships around the world which cuts shipping costs. Currently (May 2016) these include Brazil. Germany, India, Poland, Russia, Italy, and South Korea. In the UK, Gardners Books (which includes Askews and Holt, and Browns Books for Students), is the main distributor to booksellers, schools, and libraries.
Digital Distribution. At Christal Publishing, we believe that reader choice is paramount. Therefore all titles are converted and re-formatted into multiple formats for most reading devices.
Kindle.  All titles are available in the Amazon Kindle store. The Lifelong Learning series of books will shortly be converted to the new Kindle EDU (Education section) format which converts to Kindle from *pdf meaning that the original technical layout is preserved. (Planned date September 

ePub and other formats. USA global digital distributor Smashwords ships the ePub format to booksellers such as Apple, Kobo, Nook, and libraries worldwide. In the UK Gardners Books have partnered with Smashwords. Other formats including ePub, Mobi, pdf, rtf, lrf, pdb,html  are available to download from the Smashwords store.
PDF  The pdf format is distributed for download at booksellers and libraries worldwide. It is also available from Google Play.   

 Rosalie xx