Monday, 23 May 2016

And another week flew by.

I have been buried in the technicalities of website upgrading.

This last week has seen some progress on the upgrading of our website Discover-Rosalie at It has a new dynamic look. Using Website Builder (US) I found that they had made massive changes and updates to the whole process. Although very easy to use previously with no HTML language needed, it is now even more user-friendly. It also has sub-menus which increases the scope of possibilities immensely.

If you hover over the top left of the images on the Home page, a short caption will come up. I have added this  'sunflower' one to the screen shot to explain the significance of sunflowers. They really were amazing and so unexpected.
  The caption is an excerpt from Just Us Two: Ned and Rosie's Gold Wing Discovery.
"They lifted their faces to the sun as they nodded us on our way."

We have a limited number of the 1st edition of 'Just Us Two' with award seal, available. Go to the Portfolio page and follow the instructions. Payment is secure via PayPal and you don't need an account as you can simply use a card of choice.

We have made a start on the Christal Publishing website upgrade. Added to this, we had an unplanned change of plan on Tuesday with a visit to Chester. Negotiations instore took some time at which point, OH needed no bidding.
"We will go to Telford's Warehouse for lunch." I wasn't complaining. It was well past our usual lunchtime.
We sat at a table under the winding wheel and gazed out at the calm waters of the canal.
Later in the week, we enjoyed lunch with a friend at the Boat House, Parkgate, on the Wirral. There was a lot of catching up to do. The view over the marshes across the Dee Valley to Wales was lovely in the sunshine.

This sounds like a round of eating doesn't it? To compensate, after meting a like-minded biker friend at the Ponderosa Café on the top of the Horseshoe Pass on Sunday (lunch was a Cornish Pasty, I promise), we contented ourselves with a meal in front of the TV.

We never tire of going through Llangollen and up the Horseshoe Pass. I think that my favourite view is as you come down and, being on the left side of the car, I was at the road edge side and able to look down deep into the valley. The sheep are so very tame. They simply lie by the roadside and watch the world go by.

After a hiccup with the planned upgrade to fibre - yes, Wrexham now has fibre broadband - and four lengthy, traumatic, aborted online chats on Saturday, a nice man in a telephone call yesterday pushed all the right buttons - well, actually pushed the buttons - and we go live in a few days.

Do take a tour around the new site. It is a huge improvement.

Rosalie xx