Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Daffodils in the Sunshine and Frost on the Ground

What a cornucopia of life.

Since my last post, the mild winter has brought the garden to life. In the early morning sunshine, daffodils are opening their hearts with the joys of Spring to come; bluebells are poking up and showing tightly packed buds of flowers; hyacinths too are braving the cold along with the delicate green leaves of anemones which surround a yellow rose bush with its rising sap and emerging green leaves.
This rose bush sprang from seed; from a rose bush which we brought to this house and garden from our previous one quite some years ago. It was a present from my son one birthday. It survived the move but subsequently died. One day I noticed a sprig in the flower bed. As seed had survived deep in the ground only to grow to give me more years of joy. He [son] knew that yellow was my favourite colour; I always think of him when it pushes forth new leaves and flowers each year.  I breathe a sigh of relief that, although not robust, it has survived again.


With my PC having problems, we decided that it was time for a clean sweep. No more updating and fiddling about. After much browsing of the Internet and PC stores, comparing different models and options, the die was cast. A new model of an All-in-One would soon be sitting on my desk. being very new and hot off the press so to speak it had a longer delivery date. delays meant that this was extended again and again. Our window of opportunity was lost. A full refund given it was now back to the drawing board and hoping that my desktop PC would not give up the ghost in the meantime.

Last weekend, I did a thorough scan of the deepest recesses of the hard drive and the external drive followed by a thorough virus scan. Horror of horrors, a Trojan had infiltrated my system - among other nasties - which was probably the cause of the slow and non-existent shut down. All seems to be calmer now but it is still for the chop next month! We have also decided to buy new software, only re-installing versions of those we are happy with. I am happy with Office 2007 but think a complete upgrade to 2013 would work better with Windows 10 on a new system. Hopefully my Adobe Acrobat Pro, Adobe In Design, Adobe Photoshop, and Nero 2014 will load up without difficulty. AVG Pro Internet Security is due for renewal soon but the AVG PC Tune Up which I find is so invaluable has another 12 months to run. No doubt there will be updates.

I think a week allocated to computers will be needed. This desktop was upgraded to W10 from W7 and has a few problems with one upgrade not being compatible but the Net Book upgrade to W10 from W8 has gone like a dream with all the updates being compatible.

We have also had new telephones with a higher decibel level and another door bell with remote door chime and blue flashing light. A different chime to the other one. I think that you need a degree to understand all the features of the phone! All this from Action for Hearing Loss.  At the hospital, I was blue toothed to my mobile phone from my 'sound processor' BAHA so that I can have a conversation without using the handset. Demonstrating this for my family caused gales of laughter. 

I gave my presentation at the Start Up Europe Week on the first of the month in Wrexham Library - presentation area.

Valentine Birthdays.

I had a lovely day with visits and phone calls from family and friends plus a mountain of good wishes on Facebook. I felt very cherished.

Island Interludes.

In between all this I got down to the Sicily part of Island Interludes. I just have the Giardini Naxos to Messina adventure before re-visiting our wonderful return visit as part of a Saga southern Italy and Sicily tour a few years later. The video has reminded me of all the little things that get a bit blurred. Romantic and enduring Taormina, however, remains very clear in my mind.Then it is Malta and Cyprus before flying into the Atlantic Wanderings part of our story. My last post gave you a flavour of Sicily.

Back to the grindstone.

Rosalie xx