Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Bounding forward into Spring.

A spring in my step after a writing desert.

At long last I have picked up Island Interludes again. Having dabbled about over the last few months deciding on sequence etc. I am now firmly back on track.

We first went to Sicily in 2005 when we were fortunate to be able to take advantage of some of the excursions on offer - the ones which we decided were not too taxing. Based in lovely Giardini Naxos which spreads itself along a wide sweeping bay, we had options of many days personal exploration, not only into the old town itself at the other end of the
View down the hills to Mazzaro, below Taormina.
bay,but into the hills high above the bay. 

As darkness fell, the lights from Castel Mola shone out like a beacon, down past Taormina to the bay below.

Currently, I have written about our journey to charming Taormina, brooding Castel Mola in the clouds above, and a hair-raising journey up to the smoking volcano of Mount Etna in the cable car. To come is our visit to ancient Syracuse and the Sunday market; an adventure by train along the coast to the city of Messina to look at the port and weigh up the journey across the straits. Could we or couldn't we ride through Italy on the Gold Wing motorbike (trike) and cross to Sicily on the ferry? We shall see . . ..  What contrasts.
Returned to Sicily for a few days some years later, we were based in Mazzaro further along the coast. From here we retraced our steps to ancient, charming, and wonderful, Taormina where the old blends with the new. We took this photo [above] on our first visit, never dreaming that we would stay in this wonderful spot near the cable car station one day.

More of Island Interludes: Just Us Two Escape to the Sun later as we explore more islands in the Mediterranean Sea and Atlantic Ocean. 

I have put a few pictures on Facebook to keep you going. https://www.facebook.com/rosalie.marsh.JustUsTwoTravel/?fref=nf

Rosalie xx