One Small Incident Can Undo Years of Hard Work.

It takes a lot of hard work to build up your business/organisation. It may be the little niggle which is not resolved which ultimately leads to a dissatisfied customer who eventually simply walks away. Worse still, they take other people with them. Working effectively with other people does not only apply to business organisations. It applies to all those voluntary and recreational organisations from which we derive so much pleasure.
Recently, I was privileged to be asked to deliver a workshop/presentation at Start Up Europe Week, which, in North Wales, was hosted by Businessline Wrexham. I expanded on my previous presentation: Dealing with Difficult/Angry Customers that I gave at a recent Businessline 360 Networking meeting: 

Below are some of the main points:

  • Most conflicts/problems can be resolved easily if dealt with in a timely manner. Otherwise, your customer becomes difficult and even angry.
  • There is no need for things to escalate into guerilla warfare.  
  • Communication skills. Both verbal and written.
  • Take the HEAT.
  • The PANDA effect.
  • Use listening skills.
  • A good working relationship with other departments/organisations is critical to developing and maintaining customers.
  • We are all cogs in a wheel. No one is bigger than the organisation.
We are all customers at some time in our lives and all at some point in a position to deliver excellent customer service. Food for thought?

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First posted in Linkedin. Rosalie Marsh. February 16th 2016