Friday, 1 January 2016

A Happy New Year and 2016

Wishing you all that you wish for yourself. From 'Just Us Two'.

The mince pies and festivities  of Christmas are behind us. In looking forward to a new year, we look back on 2015 and reflect on all those things that touched our lives.

A new year is a time to 'Take Stock' and look at what we achieved, what we could do better, and what we plan to achieve in the year ahead.

In our little corner of North Wales, 2015 was a turbulent time in more ways than one. After publishing The Long Leg of Italy in January, life took over and many things, both personally and in my writing, marketing, and publishing life, went on the back burner as priorities changed. We are now in calmer waters - I hope.

Some highlights of 2015? 

  • The Zip Wire flight off a mountain in Snowdonia for Dreamflight Children's Charity supported by Lancs and Lakes region of the Gold Wing Owners' Club of Great Britain. Fellow member Ian, and I had the experience of a lifetime. See video here.
  • I opened a virtual on line shop in Virtual Wrexham which, when you enter,  takes you to the worldwide bookstore links on Discover-Rosalie website.
  • James M. Thompson. MusB(Hons)
  • Our talented grandson James Thompson graduated from the University of Manchester with a  MusB(Hons) music degree. He  loves the city so much, he is living and working there; writing  lyrics and music and playing violin and guitar while he waits for his dream job in sound to come along.

Time to put the old behind us and  embrace the new year.

I woke this morning to see thick ice on the car. Perhaps these freezing temperatures will kill all the germs which have been lingering.
  1. Continue to take the pressure of self. Remind myself that life is for living. Aquafit, gym and pool sessions will resume and continue.
  2. Make sure that all targets are SMART. i.e., Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Time Constrained. Any one component missing and the target is not SMART.
  3. Re-focus on writing. After taking a mental 'holiday' with a step back in 2015 I am ready to pick up the draft of Island Interludes: Just Us Two Escape to the Sun again. This will be the fourth in the Just Us Two travel series. 
  4. Continue with networking - both via social media including the excellent @Wrexham Hour on Twitter. (Wednesdays 8-9pm) - and face-to-face with the 360 Networking run by Gareth Hatton of Wrexham Businessline and other opportunities as they arise. making sure, of course that my planning is SMART.
  5. Travel. We have firm plans to revisit old haunts in Spain and new territories in Portugal. And of course, not forgetting our Gold Wing family where OH gets his motorbike chat as we meet up with friends around the country  at regional and national meetings  of The Gold Wing Owners' Club of Great Britain (GWOCGB)
Another of our pleasures is eating out at local country hostelries and further afield into, usually, Snowdonia. Long may they continue!  Read more about the flowers in my garden of life in my past posts. Links on the right.

One again, all best wishes for a happy, peaceful, and fruitful 2016 from 'Just Us Two'.

Rosalie. xx


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