Saturday, 21 November 2015

A Touch of Spa Therapy.

Re-acquainting myself with a 'Spa' experience.

Have you ever visited a Spa and all the treatments available? I was presented with the opportunity this week of a visit to a hotel Spa. This was a free visit as the holder of the winning ticket could not use the voucher. Perhaps they had seen me swimming in the pool. It is some years since I was a member of a hotel fitness centre with a pool.

Today was the day. Armed with flip-flops, bottle of water and some excitement mixed with trepidation I set off.  The first surprise was being given a swimming cap - so sweet (not) with the hotel's logo on the front -, a pair of ingeniously constructed flip-flops, a small bottle of water, and a huge towel. The largest I have ever seen.

After a short explanation I was left to my own devices. First things first, I went into the shower. A freezing cold shower I might add.
  1. Walking on a bed of pebbles in bare feet was agony but meant as a therapy for the feet.. The jets of water invigorating if a chilly shock.
  2. The pool was wonderful. A curtain of water flowing from a wide spout together with another further along were inviting. But the spout with four jets beating don into the pool was the one that I made a bee-line for. Allowing the warm jets to run up and down my back was bliss as it pounded the sore spots..
  3. The Jacuzzi was, well, a Jacuzzi. Bubbling away, it promised untold relaxation.
  4. Before going down  into the sauna and steam room area, I entered a door by the side of the Jacuzzi. What can this be? A circular room with small jets up the length and width of the walls. It wasn't a shower as such so I surmised that something should trigger off the jets. With trepidation, I ran my fingers over a static silver disc on the wall. Oh! The shock as freezing cold jets of water followed by hot ones attacked my lower legs. I waited with baited breath for the next onslaught as they stopped. Then . . .Oh! I gasped as a multitude of jets of water shot out to envelope my torso. Clinging on to the door handle for dear life and with steamed up spectacles, I sent up a prayer for deliverance. The relief when thee jets stopped was short lived as a deluge from above hit my head and almost drowned me. With steamed-up spectacles, I stumbled out when the jets had had their fun and headed for the cold shower again.
  5. Re-acquainting myself with a sauna was wonderful. I always did like a sauna and set the egg-timer off while I kept my eye on the clock so that I wouldn't go over my allotted hour. Again, another cold shower afterwards,
  6. There was another sauna-type room with a lower temperature but I didn't linger and decided not to bother with the steam room which was - well - very steamy.
Finishing off with yet another cold shower, I quickly changed and headed out all pummelled and jetted. So off now for a pedicure. Just to round off the pampering experience you understand. I don't think that I will avail myself of the chocolate massage on offer.

What a waste of good chocolate!

Rosalie xx