Monday, 5 October 2015

Wrexham Carnival of Words. Writer's Group Open Day.

Truly a 'carnival of words'.

Wrexham Carnival of Words is the brainchild of the lovely Susan Miller of    allwordsmatter. I first met Sue at a networking meeting last year after which she broached the idea of involving me in an event around World Book Night that she was organising in our local Waterstones Wrexham book store. Manager Ged was very enthusiastic about this. He has also been very supportive of  my books and me.
Sue Miller of
Book Event. Waterstones, Wrexham 2014

Waterstones, Wrexham (before new signage)

In April this year Sue was involved in the Wrexham Literary Festival  with  authors such as Dave McCall, Peter Read and others such as the Wrexham Library Staff and Paul Jerroett, Head Librarian at Glyndwr University, Wrexham. (Paul also hosts his radio show Calon Talks Books on [community radio] CalonFM.) After the World Book Night Event in Wrexham Library, feedback and discussion highlighted that attendees would like to continue with events. Sue tells me that Wrexham Library Services have also been an integral part of the Carnival of Words Committee.

Thus on Saturday I found myself looking forward with great anticipation to the Wrexham Writer's Group Open Day. The day was well planned and organised, with a choice of workshops for the two morning sessions.

Historical novelist Rob Low introduced us to some of the finer points of writing historical novels. Following this, Susan delivered an excellent interactive workshop based around 'Editing and Polishing a Story. She highlighted some of the most common mistakes - technical, continuity, repetition, and style - which she finds when editing work.
Other workshops in the morning were 'Writing, Performing, and Publishing Poetry led by Peter Read, and 'Writing for Younger Audiences' led by Jude Lennon.

After lunch we were treated to Dave McCall [writing historical novels as David Ebsworth] explaining some of the 'Pathways to Publishing. As a self-publisher [Christal Publishing] myself, I have travelled through this steep learning curve over the last few years; the technical and legal aspects of publishing can be daunting. With interaction, the group members were  able to throw in their thoughts and have some clarity among all the 'stuff' out there.

Before afternoon tea we were treated to a very funny and often hilarious session by poet Peter Read. He had us all in stiches as he recounted and explained some 'Fifty Ways to Make Some Money.

Unfortunately, I was unable to stay for the last discussion of the afternoon led by Paul Jerroett and look forward to the next event.

The Facebook 'page' for Wrexham Carnival of Words is an open group. Why don't you pay a visit and join.

Rosalie xx

P.S. This is where I get paranoid about spelling, punctuation,and grammar.

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