Sunday, 25 October 2015

The Beautiful Sound of Voices in Song.

A follow-up to my last post. The wonderful clarity of natural sound.

It is a chilly and frosty Sunday morning. The clocks have 'gone back'; getting up early is no hardship. My husband is due to meet with a Gold Wing motor biking friend at the Ponderosa Cafe on the Horseshoe Pass, Llangollen. I have elected to miss out this time - I have much to catch up on in the technical department of marketing. Hence the early start and a an early visit to a small church not far away.

And then the organ let forth its wonderful sounds. The congregation sang with joy as usual, the deep baritones of the men mixing in harmony with the lighter voices of the ladies. It was as if another veil had been lifted. My traditional hearing aids had done that over twenty years ago but this was something different. This was sound as it was meant to be.

All the problems that I have experienced and lived with were insignificant. My new sound processor [BAHA] was amazing. Both ears were free. I felt normal. I too sang out with joy and renewed vigour. Having a little box on my head under my hair - I surreptitiously checked that my new, shorter haircut was still covering -  was well worth the clarity of sound and . . . I didn't have to lip-read as Iooked towards the priest and watched his lips. I looked away . . . I could hear as clear as a bell. In fact, I could hear every rustle too.

Tears were not far away. I have a plate on my kitchen wall which often gives me strength and a clear focus of the right way forward. I will share this with you and perhaps, if you too are experiencing some increasing loss of hearing, you will have the courage to check it out. I am not for a minute suggesting that you would have what I have now. Mine is a drastic measure to provide a solution to a chronic problem, but isn't modern technology and a surgeon's skill wonderful?

Have a wonderful day.

Rosalie xx

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