Saturday, 5 September 2015

The Fun, Games, and Frustrations of Using Face Book in a Strange Default Foreign Language!

Well! Thank goodness.

The foreign language problem seems to be sorted. Such a relief as I had almost decided to cancel FB account altogether and go into a land of darkness.

The problem started on the Net book which I had recently updated to Windows 10 from Windows 8.1.1. and I was using  Microsoft Edge - the new interactive browser in Windows 10 which super seeds but does not replace -yet - Explorer. One day It asked me if I wanted to put a FB icon on the taskbar. 'Why not?' I thought, although it seemed unusual as taskbar icons normally are activated via the Windows icon on the left of the screen.  (I should explain at this point that I use my Net book PC mainly for marketing,  multimedia away from my desk, social media, research etc. from the comfort of my chair when not working.)

Some days later a little red button appeared on the icon. The button had squiggles on it. A few days later the fun - frustrations - began as once logged on to Face Book , all language defaulted to Vietnamese.

I wondered if the problem had come via Microsoft Edge so I stopped using it and went back to Explorer 11 and then Google Chrome. At one point the language was Afrikaans!
I explored all the Google translate options. The strange thing was that everything was in English before log on and only switched afterwards. Google translate was invaluable for translating the pages but turned some words back to another language, and I still couldn't at first read the menus. These eventually sorted themselves out. Or was it the little men at Face book beavering away behind the scenes? I had sent screen shots to FB with details of the problem. E-mail replies to requests to change passwords came back in Vietnamese!


I had decided in the early waking hours of this morning to see if the white, now repaired, Net book, which is still on Windows 7 and Explorer 11, was OK when I logged on to Face book. It was!  Oh joy! The relief! I then  logged on to FB in Microsoft Edge on the desktop PC - updated to Windows 10 from Windows 7. Still all OK. Long may it continue. 

I can now keep my hair on and hope that FB really have sorted what must have been a bug somewhere in their interface.

I wrote the above earlier this morning. I have just tried to log on FB via Chrome and lo and behold - we have a foreign language. Back to Microsoft Edge and my own language.

I am not sure where the interference originated and thinking that it all started with Windows 10. I had even decided to revert back to Windows 8 and close down FB. In case you are wondering, I do have excellent all-round Internet security all computers.

For now I will leave things as they are and trust FB security to deal with it.

Meanwhile you can connect with me at and visit my business page at  where you can join in the conversation.

Rosalie xx