Saturday, 4 July 2015

Local Jeweller Celebrates 30 Years in the Town.

A celebration.

Through links - in a roundabout way - via social media, I have connected with Ruth Rees who is one half of Martin Rees, Jeweller in Wrexham. Ruth was very generous in donating to my fund-raising efforts for Dreamflight when I flew down the mountain on the longest zip wire in Europe.
Until now Ruth and I have been like ships that cross in the night but today we finally got acquainted.

We have lived in Wrexham, North Wales, for more years than I care to remember. What I do remember is Martin and Ruth opening their current shop in Chester Street as they took over from Mr. Mawdsley who was retiring. That part of Chester Street Wrexham, eventually became very dilapidated. It is very old with many historic links. Eventually, the whole row of shops was renovated with the whole character and the charming windows in the roof and their little roofs being retained. With flowers, bunting an a sparkling drink everything was very festive.

For anyone who likes to press their nose to a jewellers shop window as I do, a treat is in store with a wide range of goods on display. Visit their website and online store at

The shop was busy both when I arrived and when I left and off I went with my little stash of newly chosen library books to wend my way home for a good read in the garden.

Progress on the Kindle EDU re-formatting for Lifelong Learning Books.

Two of these titles have had their cover updated to tie in better with the later three. Now these titles will have a new ISBN  for Kindle EDU as they are, in effect, a new title/format. The upside of this is that we can update the front and back matter. You know all those essential bits that have to be there but are not part of the book proper.We can also add interactive images and video as well as retaining the original layout as per paperback. This is a great relief as these titles look and work better with the original layout.

I have spent some time this week on the Further Reading section and preparing some images for the Introduction. I am debating whether to leave them as individual images or make them into a very short video. Some practice will no doubt settle the matter one way or another.

This and that.

Wimbledon is in full swing and the heat has slowed me down as the garden beckoned. I watched tennis while on the bike machine at the gym. Hopping off to move onto the rowing machine - the best stress buster I know - I missed the final shots from Andy Murray where he emerged the winner.
Next week, I promise I will knuckle down and move on. Watch this space.