Monday, 29 June 2015

Just Us Two and Chasing Rainbows sport new jackets.

Decision made! The paperback covers for Just Us Two and Chasing Rainbows were due for an update.


Some time ago, after taking a wonderful photo of two rainbows, which arched over Nerja, southern Spain, from the mountains to the sea, after a storm, I was excited to realise that I had my rainbow for Chasing Rainbows and set to work on making the cover more dynamic.
Just Us Two followed as I made the central image a full page one - not unlike the original when the first edition was published in 2009. We kept our beloved  Andorra mountains as a backdrop to our special photograph of OH and myself 'Just Us Two' with the Gold Wing. This was taken on Achill Island as we tested the water on our very first touring journey abroad. A session with Photoshop brought us together so to speak.
Feedback on the eBook covers was positive so bringing the paperback into line was a no-brainer.

It has made marketing the full portfolio easier and more co-ordinated.


What next?

  • This has led to a new video being  required. Work in progress and my task for this week.
  • Our decision to re-format the Lifelong Learning Kindle books into the Kindle text book format is opening up new and exciting possibilities.
  • As these will be new titles with a new ISBN, we are taking the opportunity to update the 'Further Reading' section on all five titles in the series
  • We can insert images and video to make it all more interactive and vibrant.
  • More importantly, the layout will be exactly the same as the print book with all the bullets, diagrams, tables etc. as they were designed to be. No need to re-do the layout or save the images with different file formats and resolution.
Exciting times.  Watch this space.
Rosalie xx


Monday, 15 June 2015

Two Jacket Covers in the Lifelong Learning: Personal Effectiveness Guides Series updated.

The Lifelong Learning: Personal Effectiveness Guides have evolved over the last four years.

With the two Skills for Employability books and Talking the Talk having more vibrant lettering, I thought that it was time to bring the first two in line. I had already updated the Kindle and ePub versions, also available from Apple, Kobo, Nook, etc., which was easy, and now it was time for the more involved process of updating the PDF and print formats.

The PDF format really is the best for technical books of this nature. Even Amazon have seen this and have launched KDU which essentially is a PDF file uploaded to their text book software. ( Another job!)

The benefit of a PDF format is that the somewhat complicated layout design and images, which include diagrams and tables, are maintained exactly as they are in the print/paperback book. 

For the best reading experience you will need Adobe Digital Editions. This you can download for free from  Don't worry if you forget this link; most sites prompt you to do this from withing their retail store before download.

This PDF version is available to download from: - "Every time you make a purchase on hive, no matter how big or small, your local (or favourite if you've chosen one) independent shop on Hive will receive a percentage of the sale!" Source

Rosalie xx

Tuesday, 9 June 2015

A New Focus on Networking.

Social Media is a valuable source of making new connections - although not everyone would agree. Would you?  Has face-to-face networking still got a place?

Much networking is carried out via Twitter (business) Facebook (mainly social but also some business through groups and 'pages'), Linked In (business) and other sites too numerous to mention. And let's face it. Lone working can be lonely and isolating.

Connections and links via social media do not, I feel, eat into creative and business time as much a business meetings can. I do a lot in the evenings with my small Net book computer on my knee while the TV churns out its evening schedule.

However, the value of face-to-face networking for business cannot be underestimated. Of course, it is easy to plunge into committing oneself to a huge variety of meetings that eventually, can take over your life and be detrimental to production.

Am I speaking from experience? Or is this a sweeping statement?

Recently I was forced to take a step back and review my involvement with various 'hubs' of networking. Over the last few years, as I stepped into a world where I was virtually 'on my own' without the cushion and comfort of a large organisation where many meetings for planning and review were integral to my role, I embraced many new opportunities for connecting to like-minded people in my areas of business. marketing my brand (Rosalie Marsh),my products (books), my availability for speaking on both genres, and 1:1 consultations and workshop delivery for professional development.

As a writer of different genres - travel and career/employability development - I was keen to spread the word. Well, to be exact, my word and to open up areas for getting my products (books) known to a wider  audience where distribution is worldwide.

On reflection and after some trial and error, it became clear what worked for me and what didn't. Recently, new opportunities have arisen not only in the writing world but the business world as well. I often hear:
'I hate Facebook. I don't want the world to know my private business etc.,'  ' I don't like Twitter.' Privacy is in the user's control. Limit who can see what. Sever connections if not suitable. 
Facebook business pages reach a different audience but often stem from 'friends' on the personal pages.
Twitter is a window to the world depending on which users you follow. I love to get the latest news from on line publications as it is published. I love to keep connected to family through quick posts, private or otherwise. As I write, Tweet Deck pop-ups are giving me me news from various local and national newspapers and books sites.
Linked In is more for business and professional debate. It has proved very useful in reaching yet a different audience.
Local Community Radio appearances have stemmed from conversations on Facebook and Twitter.

To go back to my question  'Has face-to-face networking still got a place?' I would say yes and yes again. It is good to get out there to connect and interact in person.
Facebook has been valuable in connecting me to both writing and business groups with opportunities for face-to-face networking and connections. Twitter too, has opened up new doors and opportunities for connections. The new #Wrexham Hour on a Wednesday evening has proved successful in opening new doors with one conversation leading to a new connection which then led to a business group on Facebook.
Some of my Linked In connections - people who new me in another period of my life - have been pro-active in providing reviews for my business books.

My final message is that constant review of current approach and activities is essential. If what works for one section/area of business does not work for another - change your approach to suit the needs of that area. 

But don't let it take over your life. Be disciplined.