Tuesday, 12 May 2015

What a Week! Embarking on a Range of Events.

Well, I survived!  I survived the Zip Wire Challenge!

But first I had other things to plan for and do.

Thursday May 7th. Book launch and signing for The Long Leg of Italy. Allan Parrington, mine host at The Golden Lion Pub and Restaurant in Rossett, Wrexham, offered to host a book event for me.
I prepared flyers and posters, visited local travel agents with details of the travel books etc. and local shops to ask them to put up a poster. 
With Suzanne, Supervisor at the Golden Lion.
On duty on the day were Richard and Max - Assistant managers, Suzanne- Supervisor, and Scott - Trainee Supervisor. All people we knew and were relaxed with. You will have gathered that we visit The Golden Lion quite a lot to sample their extensive menu. I had some lovely conversations and enjoyed the afternoon. Watch the book trailer.

Saturday May 9th

Today was the day when I took the Zip Wire velocity Challenge.

I was calm, cool, and collected as I had been taught to be. The weather was not kind but it could have been worse. Arriving, we had to hang around until it was our time to check-in. Time to chat to our Gold Wing biker friends who had come along from Lancashire, North Wales and the West Midlands to support ian and myself as we (Lancs and Lakes Gold Wings region of GWOCGB raised money for Dreamflight - along with a number of others

All togged up in waterproofs, a harness, hard hat with web cam(optional) and goggles we were checked and stamped. Yes, we had our hands stamped. All done etc. Off we went to the Little Zipper for a taste of the experience.    It was hard going walking up to the starting point but there was a helping hand. The only scary part was having to let go of the platform over which I was dangling, an put my hands behind my back. With a 3-2-1 the pin was pulled and we were off - following instructions to put out our arms like a bird as we neared the curve in the road.

After a safe landing we boarded what I can only describe as a cattle truck but am told it would be like the old quarry waggons. It was a specially made off-the-road vehicle. It needed to be on that road as were were jogged, bumped and thrown about. I kept the head cam on for a while but was concerned that I would use up all the film before I had been on the Big Zipper.

At the top of the mountain, we all piled out and the same process was repeated. Again, I almost panicked at taking my hands off the platform but with a deep breath and relaxing into the harness, I did. again a 3-2-1 and the pin was pulled.

I reminded myself that I was seeing what birds saw and relaxed to enjoy the view. With a woosh! Ian shot past me as I thought I had come to a standstill.
'I have stopped', I thought. 'I am moving to the side. They will have to come and get me,' I thought with calm resignation. I was now over the lake - the water that fills the bottom of the quarry where men used to labour as they quarried the slate. Then I started to move - or so I thought but I was told that I was at my fastest when I thought I had stopped.

Whooshing over the trees, all at once I was at the landing stage where I grabbed the shepherd's crook being held out to me.

Ian and I walked down the path in triumph as we reached the group of friends on the spectator's mound where they were busy clicking away with cameras. And it was all over. A once-in-a-lifetime experience. Well for me anyway.
Watch the Zip World video of my flight.

I Did It!
 Monday May11th
Today I was Heather Noble's guest on Something Completely Different . CalonFM in Glyndwr University. Wrexham.  We had a young lady sitting in who was on work-experience for her Course at Chester University. Abbi is from the Cayman Islands. 
heather played a selection of music in between chats about my travel books, the zip wire experience and than chats about the personal, career, and employability development books (User-friendly Lifelong Learning:Personal Effectiveness Guides. 

You can listen in again for a short while.

All in all a very diverse and enjoyable, if busy, few days.

Rosalie xx