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Rosie's Zip Wire Challenge - Flying off a Mountain in Snowdonia.

You read the story in a recent post. Now here is the reality.
Rosalie xx:)

What a Week! Embarking on a Range of Events.

Well, I survived!  I survived the Zip Wire Challenge!But first I had other things to plan for and do.
Thursday May 7th. Book launch and signing for The Long Leg of Italy. Allan Parrington, mine host at The Golden Lion Pub and Restaurant in Rossett, Wrexham, offered to host a book event for me. I prepared flyers and posters, visited local travel agents with details of the travel books etc. and local shops to ask them to put up a poster.  On duty on the day were Richard and Max - Assistant managers, Suzanne- Supervisor, and Scott - Trainee Supervisor. All people we knew and were relaxed with. You will have gathered that we visit The Golden Lion quite a lot to sample their extensive menu. I had some lovely conversations and enjoyed the afternoon. Watch the book trailer.
Saturday May 9th

Today was the day when I took the Zip Wire velocity Challenge.

I was calm, cool, and collected as I had been taught to be. The weather was not kind but it could have been worse. Arriving, we had to hang around …