Saturday, 18 April 2015

Making Friends With my Garden Once More!

Where TV advertising took me.

In my previous post, I talked about garden furniture. Well, the saga of the garden started before this - that was only a stopping point on the journey.

Our outside areas have long been badly in need of a good clean. In the shaded parts of the drive and patio, moss had taken hold. We had discussed buying a Karcher previously but had never bitten the bullet so to speak. An advert on TV shouted out that there was a saving of £81 on the ecological Karcher 4.
      'Let's do it!' So off we went to B&Q and there I succumbed. Normally when we go to B&Q or Homebase, I head for the gardening section while OH looks at tools, house things and suchlike.
Today was Easter weekend and the sun was shining enticing me to think about pots and plants. Outside there were racks and racks of trailing plants which I made a bee-line for.This was even before we had got a trolley or the car was locked up you understand.

seeing sense, we went inside to look at what we had come for. Soon a Karcher was loaded on a trolley and I went outside while OH steered the trolley to wherever his fancy took him. In truth, I couldn't steer the trolley and I went off for one of my own. Stocked up with trailing geraniums, trailing dianthus, trailing lobelia, trailing fuchsia and a lavender tree I headed to the checkout with OH and the Karcher. Oh! and compost for the pots.

Two days later, I was in Homebase looking at paint for the garden seat, Pandora and other bits that needed freshening up. After going mad with plants I also succumbed to a box of summer bulbs. 100 days of summer it proclaimed. Oh and a pot for the lavender Tree. At £5 plus an extra 15% off it was a bargain.  I had a whale of a time choosing paint for different surfaces.Oh, the colours! What a rainbow of choice there is now! I was taken with the gold and thought this would do to highlight the relief on the garden seat and perhaps a pot or two.

Back home and garbed sensibly - for me -  in shorts and t-shirt I planted out to my hearts content, eventually going mad with the paint cans as I sprayed not only Pandora a silvery stone but a couple of small pots before giving others a jazzed-up spray of gold. The conclusion is that I am not good with a can of spray pain never mind a brush. I had some very 'designer' drips! Well, when the plants grow and trail down the sides, no-one will notice will they?

This in turn led to re-covering the Director Chairs and finding a new canopy for the Umbrella. See previous post.

In the meantime our small patio and drive took on a 'before and after' appearance and looks like new. A messy job but well worthwile.

All we need now is some sunshine for a spot of garden relaxation. Plus some well-tended plants bursting into bloom.

Rosalie xx