Thursday, 26 March 2015

Amazon review for 'Where does the Iguana Sleep?'

I was asked by the author to review this charming children's book.

A charming and enchanting story which will rouse the curiosity of any child. As well as being an absorbing story in itself as the child excitedly sees new creatures before coming upon the Iguana, the story lends itself to other areas of exploration. There are opportunities to build in more discovery activities about Mexico, activities about the Iguana itself, and more.
The illustrations which accompany this well-written story are fresh and bright. The colourful drawings are simple and to the point. You just have to turn the page as Joey seeks to find where his new discovery sleeps.
I am though a little confused as to why there are two different book jackets. The illustration inside the book is, I feel more appealing than the one used as the cover. Overall though, a wonderful addition to any child’s library.
I have posted the review on both the Amazon US and UK sites.
You can find out more about where the Iguana sleeps here:

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