Friday, 27 March 2015

I received this book for review and am happy to respond.
Although this excellent guide is aimed initially at those in the financial planning sector, it is in fact a useful tool for anyone starting up or currently running a business. The fundamentals are the same and can be adapted to suit the situation.
The author speaks with authority from experience. Importantly, he speaks from the heart and is not afraid to relate his own experiences - adverse or otherwise. The first-hand account covers a wide range of issues and topics for consideration. These must be incorporated into a business plan. The chapters cover important aspects for consideration of administration, recruitment, outsourcing, the delicate subject of ‘how much to charge’, networking, communication and technology, to name but a few.
The book also covers various legal aspects that are important.
I would like to have been able to reach the chosen chapter when I clicked on the link in the Table of Contents instead of being taken to the front of the book. I found this frustrating.
However, that aside, all in all it is a worthy addition to the bookshelf - virtual or otherwise - of anyone wishing to succeed and move with the times in best business practices.

Rosalie Marsh. Author, Speaker, Educator. Rosalie's Chatter

Thursday, 26 March 2015

Amazon review for 'Where does the Iguana Sleep?'

I was asked by the author to review this charming children's book.

A charming and enchanting story which will rouse the curiosity of any child. As well as being an absorbing story in itself as the child excitedly sees new creatures before coming upon the Iguana, the story lends itself to other areas of exploration. There are opportunities to build in more discovery activities about Mexico, activities about the Iguana itself, and more.
The illustrations which accompany this well-written story are fresh and bright. The colourful drawings are simple and to the point. You just have to turn the page as Joey seeks to find where his new discovery sleeps.
I am though a little confused as to why there are two different book jackets. The illustration inside the book is, I feel more appealing than the one used as the cover. Overall though, a wonderful addition to any child’s library.
I have posted the review on both the Amazon US and UK sites.
You can find out more about where the Iguana sleeps here:

Rosalie Marsh. Author, Speaker, Educator. Rosalie's Chatter

Tuesday, 3 March 2015

From Venice, Italy to Venice Beach, Los Angeles.

Across the world in the blink of an eye.

After being steeped in Venice in Italy for many months as I wrote about Italy, I was intrigued to read about another Venice. Venice Beach in Los Angeles California.

A nephew is currently on his travels and has posted lovely photos in his on line diary on Tumbler. Called 'Keeping up with Chris' it is an apt title in more ways than one for this elusive young man who is following his dream.

Trawling through the photographs which he has uploaded, I found the whole area charming. California is on my 'to do' list. San Francisco to be exact. Thoughts of us biking it (motorbike) down Route 66 on a Honda Gold Wing have been canned. Venice Beach instead will do!

I am looking forward to hearing about the next leg of the journey.

Just a short post today.

Rosalie xx