Wednesday, 18 February 2015

A Week of Birthday Lunches

It has been a busy week as we went out on a programme of birthday lunches with friends and family.

This, along with a birthday book promotional period for The Long Leg of Italy and setting up pages and posts for my forthcoming Zip Wire Challenge has meant that Rosalie's Chatter has been a little neglected.

Well, in one fell swoop I have condensed what we have been up to.

1) A lovely lunch with friends at the Chain Bridge Hotel, Llangollen.
2) A wonderful family lunch with husband, children and husbands/wife, and grandchildren.
3) A third lunch with friends at the Glasfryn Mold.

So we are all partied out. Chocolates all eaten. House like a flower shop just how I like it. And so we roll on to Mother's Day and Easter before my BIG CHALLENGE

Rosalie xx

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