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5* Review for the Long Leg of Italy

A wonderful glimmer of sunshine in a difficult week.
I was pondering what to include in my round-up of the week when an e-mail dropped into my Inbox. Author and publisher Jamie Cawley had very kindly offered to review The Long Leg of Italy: Explore with Just Us Two.
This is what she had to say:
"5.0 out of 5 stars An Entertaining and Informative Exploration of Italy, February 28, 2015 By Jamie Cawley "Author of "The Self Publisher's Guide to Book Marketing - See all my reviews (REAL NAME)    This review is from: The Long Leg of Italy: Explore with Just Us Two (Kindle Edition)
The Long Leg of Italy is an excellent account of a couple's experience travelling through Italy.
Rosalie has included beautiful photos, along with great detail of her travels through culturally and historically rich places including Rome, Florence, Venice, Sorrento, and wider Italy.
Her account of her dealings with the Vatican were particularly interesting to read.
This book catalogues Rosali…

When the best laid plans go astray.

Yes, it happens to us all. We have things all nicely planned out and then woosh! It all falls down. Well nearly always all. And if things were not planned out in the first place, life could not be accommodated so easily.

A madcap exploit or just brave?
Last week I wrote about my series of birthday lunches and tacked on a little about my Zip Wire challenge in May.

Then we had a Gold Wing Club national meeting where I took the opportunity to gather (not quite twisting arms) sponsorship for my forthcoming Will Lewis Zip Wire Challenge in aid
of Dreamflight Children's Charity on May 9th this year. The response so far has been very generous and if I haven't approached you yet, don't be imagining that I have forgotten you! All the £1,£2,£3,and more added up to a tidy sum of money and a good start to meeting and beating I hope my target.

The story behind my madcap adventure.Yes folks! I will be flying off the mountain at Bethesda, North Wales, fastened in a sling like the person in th…

A Week of Birthday Lunches

It has been a busy week as we went out on a programme of birthday lunches with friends and family.
This, along with a birthday book promotional period for The Long Leg of Italy and setting up pages and posts for my forthcoming Zip Wire Challenge has meant that Rosalie's Chatter has been a little neglected.

Well, in one fell swoop I have condensed what we have been up to.

1) A lovely lunch with friends at the Chain Bridge Hotel, Llangollen.
2) A wonderful family lunch with husband, children and husbands/wife, and grandchildren.
3) A third lunch with friends at the Glasfryn Mold.

So we are all partied out. Chocolates all eaten. House like a flower shop just how I like it. And so we roll on to Mother's Day and Easter before my BIG CHALLENGE

Rosalie xx

PS. If you want to sponsor me I would really appreciate it. Go to my Just Giving page or Text FREE on 70070 using code LLGW80. Thank you. Rosalie.

A Zip Wire Challenge for Charity.

Lancs and Lakes Gold Wings (a region of the Gold Wing Owner's Club of Great Britain -GWOCGB)supporting the Liverpool Dreamflight Group -Will Lewis Zip World Challenge 2015Hello friends. I have signed up - in my old age - to do a Zip Wire Challenge and I need your help to raise money to help to send sick and disabled children to Orlando, Florida for the holiday of a lifetime. 
Who?    the Dreamflight CharityWhen?  on May 9th 2015 - Time t.b.a.Where? Zip World, Penrhyn Quarry, Bethesda, Bangor.North Wales.Here is a link to my Just Giving page with my story. a member of GWOCGB for over sixteen years, my husband Allen and I  have been involved in raising money for charity for many years. Each region usually nominates a local charity. We also support the nominated National Charity. This Dreamflight Event is an extra one as it is such a worthy cause.I really need your help - just a £1 will do - to raise at least my required minimum amo…

Changing Shopping Habits - A Quantum Leap.

One store closes - another gets the feel good factor. Well, there is no use procrastinating. I had to bite the bullet. Our local Tesco is one of those hit by the recent changes in the supermarket world.
let me be clear. Our local store is not the mammoth store in the centre of town where you have to negotiate numerous roundabouts and lane changes just to buy a loaf of bread.
No, where we lived now and have lived for many years we have been lucky enough to have a Neighbourhood Shopping centre about half a mile down the road - on a bus route. In fact before we moved we had one where we lived in the Dee |Valley.

First it was Kwik Save - all excellent basics and no frills which meant a trip to Sainsbury's for extras.

This was in the hey-day of Kwik Save when they had these Neighbourhood Shopping Centres. (As a trainer/assessor working in a Cheshire college I was fortunate enough to sample these across the North West, North East and Midlands of the UK. And believe me - they were for th…

Subscription Services are in the news for eBooks

With Netflix creating a new market for films, a range of subscription services for eBooks are making themselves known.There has been much interest in Amazon's Kindle Unlimited, a service where the reader pays monthly for unlimited downloads. This service however, for authors and publishers, is exclusive as they have to sign up for KDP Select which is exclusive. This means that the titles cannot be listed elsewhere.
Being a bit of a rebel at times and not liking to be hemmed in, apart from having all titles available on Kindle (to purchase) I haven't gone down this route. I do feel however that the success of this Amazon service has undermined sales in general and subsequently the author and publisher. After all why should you buy individual books when you get get much more for your money every month regardless of individual cost.
And what if your titles are not on Kindle? The alternatives are Oyster and Scribd which were around before Amazon Unlimited and marginally cheaper. All…

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