Sunday, 25 January 2015

Relaxing in the Mountains above Llangollen

An new venue to meet up with like-minded biker friends takes us to our beloved Horseshoe Pass, Llangollen.

In the aftermath of drafting, designing, re-writing, and eventually publishing The Long Leg of Italy we were ready today to head off into the mountains. Our new meeting place of choice is the bikers haven called the Ponderosa Cafe on the top of the Llandegla mountains above Llangollen, Denbighshire, North Wales.

The roads were good today, albeit holding a lot of salt. Surprisingly, this did not deter bikers - most of them 'silver tops' as we more mature ones are called. We travelled along the Dee Valley to Llangollen before climbing up and up onto the Horseshoe Pass. Today was cold but not as cold as it has been. The town of Llangollen was quite busy as we passed through late this morning; the river was running fast under the ancient bridge; the Thomas Tank steam engine was nowhere to be seen in the restored railway station. ( The restored line is heading out to Carrog now through the Berwyns.)
Climbing up the narrow road we eventually arrived at the very windy Ponderosa Cafe. The wind nearly blew us away so there wasn't much time to stop and stare at the fantastic and ever-changing dramatic scenery across the mountains.

Meeting with a friend from the currently inactive North Wales Wings (a region of the Gold Wing Owner's Club of Great Britain or GWOCGB) which only needs a rep to revitalise and re-generate it, we settled down to chat about things in general about bikes and other more family news. Dennis had been supportive in reviewing the cover for The Long Leg of Italy and I was eager to show him the finished product. His look of delight when he saw the cover was answer enough. His comments were positive and good. That was enough for me.

Homeward Bound.

Do we go back down the Horseshoe Pass and straight home or do we go around the mountains and down that way? We chose the latter. Passing the Cider Farm we took in the fantastic views across to the Wirral and Dee crossing in the distance as we came through Rhydtalog to the Mold Road. Although cold, the day was clear and our little corner of North Wales was wearing yet another type of clothing to show off its beauty. Trees are bare yet and there had been a hint of snow last night on the top. (The shop in the cafe is not called 'shop-in-the-clouds' for nothing.

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