Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Back in the flow and into 2015

A belated Happy New Year to all and best wishes for a fruitful 2015.

We had a very quiet Christmas and New Year but I am shocked to discover how long it is since my last post. I have not been idle however - it is simply that there have been pressing matters on the marketing and administration front. Plus a bad back!!

Final tweaks for The Long Leg of Italy came to light as being urgent. I am eagerly awaiting the proof copy and looking forward to publication later this month. It will also be available at the same time in ePub and *pdf formats as well as multiple formats from the Smashwords store - our US distributor of ePub. You can pre-order on the AppleiBookstroe, B&N Nook and Kobo.

This is the third in the Just Us Two travel series and, as usual, various disasters awaited us as we travelled the length of Italy over the years. You can read more about it here. It is much bigger than the others with twenty colour photos and a raft of live links for more information.

A new title means much updating of marketing materials on the web and social media sites. (Flyers and brochures were done some time ago.) I have had fun doing this.

Your signed copy.

There is more on each title on my 'Your signed copy' page. I still have a few copies of the first edition of Just US Two: Ned and Rosie's Gold Wing Discovery with an original award seal @£7.50 incl. p+p UK. contact me if out of the UK. I can send a signed copy of any title with dedication. e-mail me:
I can also arrange to have an order( mixed or otherwise) to be delivered straight to your location. Contact

All Rosalie Marsh titles are very good value at a sensible price in both print and multiple eBook formats for most reading devices and PC:

  • Just Us Two travel books due to the wealth of cultural and geographic information, rich colour photos, and live web links.
  • Lifelong Learning Personal Effectiveness Guides due to the depth of learning within the covers of each book. They are a training package in themselves which would cost far more if attending a training course or learning programme. They are also enriched with colour images to illustrate points, and live web links.
  • All of which have to be completely re-formatted to strict submission guidelines for each format/distributor. Skills level needed is unquantifiable.
Where can you get a user-friendly, non-threatening, quality training course for under £3.00GBP?  And the travel books have detailed routes, photographs , are packed full of cultural history, fun, and a birds-eye view of the country. More information here.

Rosalie xx