Monday, 1 September 2014

The Long Leg of Italy - Coming Soon - Coming Closer!

ISBN 978-1-908302-39-7 Paperback 15th Jan.2015
Also Kindle (15.Oct.2014),PDF,ePub.
The last week has been a busy 'design' sort of week. We finally decided - taking all comments into account - on the layout for the jacket of The Long Leg of Italy.
It will be out in paperback in January but hope to have it on Kindle by the end of October.
About the Book.

ISBN 978-1-908302-39-7
"If you have read the first in the Just Us Two series, you will know of my husband’s aversion to parties.
As our Silver Wedding Anniversary approached, he was adamant that he wasn't having a party.
“We will have a little trip,” himself decreed.
That is what he thought! He meant a little trip in the UK, not too  far from home. I, on the other hand, had
bigger fish to fry. Our wedding had been a small family affair and, being poor, we did not  go-away on honeymoon.  So, himself wanted a little trip did he?" <End>

Read on. . .
Having only travelled abroad twice in their lives, and that as part of an organised group, did not daunt Rosie. She wanted to see the world. She had dreams. Rome, Florence, Venice . . . and beyond. But was this possible? A little voice nagged at the back of her mind. With growing excitement, she plotted and planned and then went  into action. 

And so began their love affair with Italy. This intrepid couple set off on their own, Just Us Two, as they negotiated their luggage onto aeroplanes, crossed Italy by rail and enjoyed the romance of arriving in Venice by train; finding their water bus waiting to transport them the whole length Grand Canal to their hotel.  Well what is Venice but surrounded by water? Unbeknown to them, disaster awaited them at home.
They were so entranced by their adventures that they did it all again! In later years ‘Just Us Two’ seized opportunities to explore the many beautiful lakes, Alps, and Dolomites of Lombardia and the Alto-Adige of Northern Italy - venturing into Switzerland; the contrasting experiences of Adriatic villages and the rugged interior of Puglia, Basilicata, Calabria in southern Italy; the awe and wonder of standing high in Altomonte between the Ionian and Tyrrhenian seas in the foot of that very long leg of Italy. . .

Coming soon on Kindle. 
And in January 2015 available in print ISBN 978-1-908302-39-7 
and ePub ISBN 978-1-908302-42-7
(Images l-r Madonna di Campiglio,Dolomites; Venice; Trulli houses in Alberobello, Puglia.) 

To end the week - or started this one -  we mosied up the motorway to Lancashire and our Gold Wing biker meeting with the Lancs and Lakes region. An excellent and lively meeting followed by lunch in the bar of the Hartwood Hall Hotel. Chorley. Lots of info for me as food for my monthly write up for the Gold Wing Owner's Club magazine. It has been a busy summer so far. Just how we like it.

Rosalie xx 

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