Tuesday, 16 September 2014

A Most Romantic Celebration of Love.

A close family member was married on Sunday at the Rhinewood County Hotel in Cheshire. We hadn't been to a wedding in a hotel before and I have to say how seamless it all was.

The room decked out for the actual ceremony was a vision. The main 'aisle' had an arrangement of gold petals arranged in a heart shape with a long trailing stem.
Malcolm Kindon- Toastmaster and Master of ceremonies, impressed on us the importance of not walking on these as we found our seats - the bride would go berserk!

Malcolm made it all work, as he liaised with all parties as to timings and things happening when they should.
The bride - a vision in a flowing cream gown looked like a princess.She arrived on her father's arm to the tune of a favourite love song. This set the tone of this happy and relaxed day. It was a celebration among chosen family and friends. Mind you - the petals were soon dispersed as her gown trailed over them but it didn't matter now.
The wedding vows were taken in front of a huge white gauzy backdrop, lit by tiny lights. The chairs were cream with a gold sash.

The registrar was very conscious that some may not understand the format of the ceremony or the legal implications and went to great pains to explain each part of the ceremony and the reasons,tradition, and legalities behind each part. He even explained that the marriage certificate belonged to the bride - not the groom! 

Malcolm Kindon (click on the link for full details- Tel 07756 017503) worked hard throughout the interim when photographs were taken and the room prepared for the wedding breakfast, the reception itself where he explained what was to happen at each part, the changeover for the evening disco and was still on hand well into the evening.
At the reception, he explained some of the traditions behind such things as 'wedding breakfast'. Did you know that? Even if the meal is later in the day and not an egg and bacon style of breakfast, it is named as such as it is the first meal the bride and groom take together after the wedding. (Breaking their fast so to speak.) I think I have that right. If you are reading this Michael, feel free to remind me.
Throughout the meal, pianist Dave Antrobus (07847 113906) treated us to a medley of love songs which carried on the romantic theme.

All in all, a wonderful experience and lets face it - if you are not being married in church then a hotel event is better than a sometimes cold and cheerless registry office from where you have to find your way to the reception afterwards.

Thank you to the bride and groom for a sharing a truly wonderful celebration with us.
No photographs as we didn't take any. OH forgot to bring the camera in and this is personal anyway. It was wonderful to catch up with scattered family.

Rosalie xx